4 Tips for Choosing the Right Lipstick Color for Tanned Skin

Confused about choosing the right lipstick color for tan skin, how to make it not too ashy or warm? Here are 5 tips.

Some women have considered lipstick to be a mandatory item in their bag when traveling. However, choosing the right lipstick color for your skin tone can be tricky, especially if you have brown skin.

However, you don’t need to worry because the cosmetic industry in Indonesia is growing very rapidly, so it’s easy to find lipstick colors that are suitable for tan skin.

1. Know your undertone color

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Use a lipstick color that matches undertone skin to make your appearance more perfect. Undertones There are 3 skin colors, namely warm undertone, cool undertonesand neutral undertone.

Color warm undertone this basically is a skin color that has a basic color or elements of yellow, red, orange, and peach. For cool undertones, basically cool colors that have blue, pink, and purple base colors.

And the last one is neutral undertone where is a combination of warm and cool. If you feel that your basic skin color is pink but there are yellows or it has a green base color, then you have neutral undertones.

One of the most commonly used methods to find out undertone skin is by looking at the color of the veins on the inner wrist. If the pulse is blue, it means cool undertonesthe color green means warm undertoneand i is a mixture of blue-purple and green means neutral undertones.

Another way to find out undertone is to see how your skin reacts when you are in the sun for a long time. For warm undertoneUsually, the skin will darken if it is exposed to the sun for a long time. Whereas for cool undertonesusually when sunbathing the skin will turn red, and the skin will become red first and then darken to neutral undertone.

For the owner warm undertonechoose a lipstick color that is suitable for tan skin with shades of nude which are more yellowish, such as peach, or have a base color to red.

But for cool undertonesYou can choose a peach lipstick that has a pink, purple base color, or a mauve one. Guaranteed to make your appearance will be more perfect. Whereas neutral undertonecan choose color nude with a base to orange or pink.

2. Do not choose a lipstick color that is lighter than the skin (pale)

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The next tip in choosing the right lipstick color for tan skin is to avoid using it nude lipstick that is lighter than skin tone. The reason is, you will look pale or like a sick person.

However, if you want to use color nude lighter than skin, make sure to use a darker lip liner first.

3. Experiment with ombre

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You can experiment with using dark lipstick, then overwrite it with a lighter color in the center of the lips. This method can make lips bigger and plumpy. Or if you want to be seen cute Korean style, you can use light colors first, then dark colors in the middle of the lips.

4. Just believe in yourself

The last tip is to be confident, if you want you to use any lipstick color, be it purple, red, yellow, dark brown, or whatever. PD is the main key and the most important of all.

How, choosing the right lipstick color for tan skin is not difficult, right?

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