4 Tips For Giving Baby Girl Names To Get The Most Beautiful Meaning


Talking about baby names is a challenge as well as fun. Because this means that Mother will soon become a parent and welcome the presence of the Little One in the world.

Starting from the pregnancy process, Mother has prepared everything carefully. Mother pays more attention to food intake, activity, and sometimes refrains from using skincare beloved. All so that the Little One is born safe into the world.

Likewise with the identity process. If you are going to have a daughter, then you are advised to name the most beautiful baby girl in the world.

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In Islam and in general itself, there are several provisions or tips in giving baby names to little ones. Such provisions or methods are as follows:

1. Prepare and pay attention to the time of naming

The time of naming in Islam itself is sunnah to be given as soon as possible to the mother’s baby. The size of the time that many scholars have set for naming a child is from the time the baby is born to three days after the little one comes into the world.

2. Give a good name and mean good

The name is always said to be a parent’s prayer to their child so that the Little One becomes a person who grows up as a good, healthy, successful child, and can make him proud. If you have a daughter, surely Mother as a parent wants to give the name of the most beautiful baby girl in the world to be in line with her beautiful name.

Likewise when you have a son, Mother as a parent will definitely give a dashing and appropriate name for a prospective adult man. The goal is to grow up to be a brave child who is responsible.

3. Avoid names that are hated by Allah

Because of the many essences of names as part of the parents’ prayers, it is not recommended to give names that are hated or disliked by Allah SWT to their little ones. As for these names, you can consult directly with someone who understands religion in the family.

4. Using the name of the Prophet / Apostle / pious person who is liked by Allah SWT

It is highly recommended for Mother to give names of pious people such as prophets and apostles. With good intentions, Bun, with the hope that the baby’s name will grow with the child with good qualities too.

For example, if the name of the most beautiful baby girl in the world is Balqis, who is a queen who converted to Islam. In addition, the name of the nature that is in Allah SWT or Asmaul Husna. Where these names are like Al-Khalik (the Creator), Ar-Rabb (the Sustainer), Ar-Rahman (the Most Merciful). (PK)

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