4 Tips to Start Freelance Design and 10+ Types of Products

Now for designers who need space to be creative as well as make money. Here, I have some links for your materials to find creative space and make money. Just to the point!

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Type of work

These are some descriptions of various types of products produced from the Design Sector…

  • Logo Making
  • Twitter background creation
  • corporate identity
  • Website/web display psd mockup
  • Brochure creation
  • Rebranding
  • Business Card Making
  • T-Shirt Design
  • Banner Ads
  • WordPress Theme
  • Icon Design
  • Stationary Design
  • Review Making
  • Illustration Video Design
  • Presentation Design
  • Website Button Design
  • and much more

List of Websites for Design Freelancers

Of the many websites that offer graphic design work, I’ve chosen 8 websites that are most in demand because of their convenience and a system that allows them to actually get paid.


This website reaps the most controversy but is in great demand by freelance designers. The system in 99designs is quite easy to understand with a better level of security (it pays off if you win) since it received a lot of criticism in 2008. Design work is also more attractive and safe from plagiarism because there is a system that allows only clients to see, meaning that competing designers cannot see other designers’ work during the competition which lasts for about one week. Then, after there is a winner, all designs can be seen between designers.

There are quite a lot of design work that can be adjusted to the conditions of the designers. At the same time it becomes


Almost as the name suggests, the work will be paid more fairly in a matter of hours even though there are some jobs that are fixed or paid weekly or even daily. For the long term, this website is more suitable to be chosen because there is also a term or request for the long term if the client wants so. The distribution of work is very much, not just for designers.


The hangout place for free workers or freelancers. This freelance marketplace offers contractors various opportunities and thus asks them to pay a small amount as a commission to the tech site, for the payment to be awarded on a project. Apart from being easy to use it is also a great platform for project posting and a place to find freelance professionals like coders, consultants, graphic designers, software developers.


For logo problems, this website can be a mainstay because it focuses on creating a logo only and is accompanied by a decent shoecase logo.


Contests or logo-making competitions on this website are rarely widely known by Indonesian designers, so you can try them out.


Freelance job provider managed by Wall Web Designer, where creative professionals come to look for job opportunities.When you post your work here, it will be immediately displayed on the Web Designer Wall and other networking sites where the designer will see it. Due to the website’s strong position, the Web Designer Wall appears in many online portal publications and designs.


Contest for other designers for logo creation with comprehensive services and FAQs.


Supports subscribe or registration for students or students, as well as self-taught design fighters and professional designers. The type of design work here is quite large compared to other websites with a good level of payment security.

But it is very important to remember that the price of designs on the internet is EXPENSIVE, and that is what happens in the real world too. Much more expensive than what is offered on the series of websites above. Once again, everyone likes fast money and fast methods (especially in Indonesia, where the per capita pay is lower). Especially for young designers and beginners who are interested in creating a portfolio (who want to be known quickly). Actually there are other ways to earn money for graphic designers much bigger.

Updates!!! 17 February 2020

You need to open your own shop, but of course.. your branding must be strong first! Well, one way to strengthen branding is to join competitions, contests and expand the portfolio on several websites that I described above.

Eh, BTW those are all external website link urls, right, and now there are many in Indonesia that also open up opportunities for designers to open up and expand their portfolios


The concept is also the same as some of the websites above, here is a contest design… So buyers order from sribu, after that the freelancers will post their work and compete with other design freelancers to get choices from buyers or contest organizers. But now it seems that the registration of new designers is a bit tighter…

Conclusion Tips for Starting a Design Freelancer

Okay friends, here I will give tips from the implied summary above, hehe, just take what you feel is good for you, you can also share it in the comment box if you have additional tips…

1. To become a Design Freelancer,

master one of the several design freelancer space providers above, at least there is at least 1 who wins the contest, it can already raise your name.

2. Be diligent in updating the design,

whether it’s design developments or we can walk walking, look to other designers’ work for inspiration.

3. Playing in this creative world is not like playing in the world of administrative offices,

if your mode of thought is still that way, you will only see blank paper in front of your desk (nothing to do) so multiply the references, and process the design references to be used as ideas according to your own design principles

( Designers must have Principles… Because that’s what makes him UNIQUE!! – Quote by RahmanCyber ​​NET )

4. Determine your initial focus!

Yes, you can have lots of ideas about what to do, because the field of design is HUGE! and we can choose the Priority scale, so at least we can focus more on being a pro in that product, For example Logo Design, then Prioritize it, you explore knowledge about Logos and you see various galleries of other people’s work about logos! You can have other products, but you need priority huh.. Honestly, I’m a group of people who have a lot of ideas.. I want to do this.. but it’s really difficult, if we don’t make a priority scale.

Designers who have the type of ‘Many IDE’, Try to make a Priority Scale! so you can focus more, save other ideas or run as simple as possible… then you build quality for the Products you Prioritize! – Quote by RahmanCyber ​​NET

Well, Kira Kira, like this is the update discussion for this time, friend, Hopefully this little knowledge can be beneficial.

Send regards for success !

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