4 Unique Places in the World You Need to Know

In fact Unique Place in the world it’s not only 15, but more than that, but here rahmancyber has summarized several places that are unique because of their shape and others. Indeed, nature is full of uniqueness, because Allah SWT created this Earth not carelessly, Allah created the Earth with various beauties and even uniqueness, it is a lesson for humans who think on the power of Allah SWT “Kun then so”

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4 UNIQUE places in the world

1. Blood Waterfall

Blood Waterfall

If we hear from Nama Blood WaterfallWow, that must be really scary isn’t it? Surely what stuck in our minds is Blood that flows out of nowhere…The Blood Falls in Antarctica are not myths or stories, they are true. The English name of the Blood Falls Arctic Blood Waterfall Discovered by a geologist named McMurdoc Dry Valleys in 1911. in a frozen state.

At first he thought that the red color came from algae. But it turned out to be from a natural event, namely from an ancient microbial community trapped under a thick layer of ice, the incident was on the Taylor Glacier in Antarctica . The ancient microbe was isolated in a natural time capsule. Cracks in the glacier cause the lake subglacier to flow out. Because there is no light, heat and oxygen, the microbes experience high salinity and contain iron, which is where the red color comes from.

style="text-align: left;">2. The Nazca . line

Nazca Garis line

These Nazca lines are lines that form an image in a desert area, now this line will be clearly visible when we look at it from above the sky, because the shape is very large. It is estimated that it was made between 700 BC to 200 BC. The hundreds of lines of the Nazca desert mostly form the postures of animals, such as monkeys, birds, fish and lizards.

style="text-align: left;">3. Pamukkale – Turkey

Pamukkale - Turkey


which means cotton fort, also called white fort, because most of its area is due to the presence of High Concentration of Calcite in the water. This area is widely used as a SPA and Healing skin diseases. There are the ancient city of Hieropolis built Roman. So to preserve it, now a pool, hotel and access road are being taken care of, at least it can help preserve the beauty of nature Pamukkale.

4. Nine Hells of Beppu – Japan

Nine Hells of Beppu - Japan

Beppu it is known to be home to more than 2,800 hot springs that were once found on the Island Kyushu Japan. There are nine springs which are unique springs,

1. Umi Jigokuthis spring is widely dubbed as

“sea hell” where this spring flows water hot enough to boil eggs.
2. OniishibouThis spring is widely dubbed as “bald head hell” because it often comes out bubbles of mud that resemble the bald head of a Buddhist priest.
3. Shiraike JigokuMany nicknamed “White Pool Hell” because it contains boiling water, which is caused by the high calcium concentration.
4. Yama JigokuThis spring is widely dubbed “mountain hell”. Why? because it comes from a mountain that spews out so much mud that it creates a small mountain surrounded by small ponds.
5. Kamada Jigokunicknamed “Cooking a Pot of Hell” because it consists of a collection of boiling hot springs flanked by a statue of a red devil, who is considered a cook…isn’t it weird?
6. Oniyama Jigokunicknamed as “Hell Devil Mountain”due to the strong current of water that can pull the car.
7. Kinryu JigokuNicknamed as “Hell Dragon Gold” because in the spring steam often comes out….which comes out of the dragon’s nostrils(it is said)
8. Chinoike Jigokuwhich means “Pool Hell Blood”because of the bright reddish color of the water, which is caused by iron minerals in the pool.
9. Tatsumaki Jigokunicknamed as “Hell Sprinkle”in this place there is a fountain
It heats up every 30 Minutes and has a temperature of about 105 Degrees Celsius.


it bro, some unique places… do you want to visit them? 🙂

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