4 Ways to Eliminate Spin Maze on Android OPPO

Lately, Android cellphone users, especially Oppo cellphones, have been surprised by the spin maze application. Where How to Eliminate Spin Maze on Android is also quite difficult because it can’t be uninstalled directly like other applications.

Well, you Android phone users, of course, must know how to deactivate this application. The spin maze application is widely labeled as a virus application that Oppo users must delete.

A number of Andorid users have tried to delete this one application. But this application itself is like the Default application from Android users which cannot be deleted.

The anxiety of users who encounter applications like this is of course because they think that the Spin Maze application is a virus application. Even though this application itself is a default application that is brought after the user updates the update.

way like Removing the Oppo App without the application also can not be done if the phone has not been rooted. So the only way to get rid of this application is to disable it in the cellphone system itself.

How to get rid of Spin Maze on Android OPPOIf your Oppo cellphone has not been rooted, removing the Spin Maze application is indeed quite difficult. On the other hand, if the Oppo HP has been rooted, it will be easy to remove the application.

Because doing ROOT cellphones has a big risk, it is not recommended to do rooting. Well, here’s what Projectino Share some easy steps for how to get rid of Spin Maze on Android that are correct.

Deactivate and Remove the Spin Maze Application

How to get rid of Spin Maze on Android VivoIf your cellphone is not rooted, there is only one way to get rid of the Spin Maze apk. Where you only need to deactivate this application, but first you do some settings.

In the HP Oppo settings, the user needs to change the input or input settings first. Well, for your own way, you can follow the following easy steps.

  1. Go to Menus Settings on Oppo phones
  2. Then look for menus Keyboard & Input Method
  3. Next select Options for Defaults
  4. Change selection TouchPal for Oppo Becomes gboard

After this option switches to Gboard, the Spin Maze application should be removed from Oppo phones. But you can still do it in other ways, for example by deactivating the Spin Maze application in the Oppo Android HP settings menu.

  1. Entered into Additional Settings
  2. Choose Application Management
  3. Continue selecting on All
  4. Please search TouchPal For Oppo
  5. Then tap menu Forced stop
  6. Then the Spin Maze application will automatically be deleted
  7. Done

This method can be said to be very easy, but you need to understand because there are several things that need to be done so that the Spin Maze application completely disappears. Both of these options can later be applied one by one.

If the cellphone is already rooted

When your Oppo cellphone is rooted, removing the application yourself is very easy. You only need to select which application you want to delete, then delete it by holding down the application and selecting the Uninstall menu.

Both default applications and second-party applications can also be deleted if the user has used this method. However, it is not recommended that you do ROOT just to be able to disable the application, so it is not recommended.

There are several advantages and disadvantages of using Root access on Android phones. If we are still unfamiliar with Root access, this method does not need to be applied by HP Oppo users to just uninstall the application.


Those are some easy steps that can be applied by you Oppo users to overcome the Spin Maze application that appears. Where all the existing methods can be applied to all Android cellphone users, including old and new OPPO.

So when you encounter a BUG application such as spin maze on an Oppo cellphone, users don’t need to panic because they can overcome it in a number of easy ways. See also further interesting reviews such as Pros and Cons of Infinix Hot 20S on the previous review.