4 Ways to Get BCA Keys Without Going to the Bank

how to get a BCA key without going to the bank

How to get a BCA key without going to a bank and also other requirements that you should know. For those of you who already use BCA bank or who will use it. Then you must know about the security tool from Bank BCA, namely Key BCA.

This BCA key or BCA token is a tool that resembles a calculator to input and enter your BCA data and password. Because it’s a very private tool, don’t let it go away.

This tool that functions for the security of your account is sometimes very inconvenient. The reason is that if the battery runs out or the BCA token is lost, you have to take it to the BCA bank office to repair or get a new BCA key. Therefore, here are some tips on how to easily get a BCA key online.

How to get a BCA key without going to the bank


discussing the topic of how to get this BCA key. It’s good for you to know about the requirements for creating a BCA key. Among them:

  • Have a BCA bank account savings
  • Register for internet banking by telephone, electronic delivery or through other BCA bank facilities.
  • You can also register through an ATM machine or one that has been provided by a BCA bank.
  • Make sure the identity card is the same as the account holder.
  • Make an application to have a BCA key.
  • Paying administration fee for BCA key rental. Later the fee will be directly debited to your account number.


you already know the requirements, then here’s how to get the BCA key that we recommend.

1. How to Get BCA Key Tool

Because this BCA key is a tool, it is better for you to go directly to the nearest BCA bank branch office. The method is:

  • Visit the nearest BCA bank office.
  • Take a queue number or you can directly ask the officer or security guard regarding your destination.
  • Wait until your turn is over and ask customer service directly to get the BCA key.
  • Make sure to bring a passbook, ID and fill out the requested form.
  • Sign on the requested form and pay for this BCA token tool fee.
  • Select the password you want to use.
  • Don’t forget to ask to tell how to enter and access internet banking.

2. How to activate BCA Key without going to the bank

If you already have the BCA key and experience errors such as not being able to activate or there are other problems. You can contact the contact information below:

Contact us

  • Phone Number : Halo BCA 1500888
  • Email Address : halobca@bca.co.id
  • Whatsapp : 62811 1500 998

Social media

  • Facebook : GoodLife BCA
  • Instagram : @goodlifebca
  • Youtube : BCA Solution
  • Twitter : @BankBCA

BCA’s social media is also very active to help quickly address various complaints from BCA bank customers. For activation problems, you can ask first at BCA bank CS. This also applies to getting the BCA key tool.

How to Use BCA Key Through Internet Browser

Here’s how to open BCA internet banking using the BCA key:

  • Open the browser. Then open the KlikBCA.com site
  • Select “individual” if it is for personal purposes, and select “Business” for office business matters. Click login on one of the menus above.
  • Enter the User ID and Password that appears on your BCA key.
  • Turn on the BCA key by clicking the triangle button in the lower corner of the BCA key. Click button 1 to bring up the BCA password key. Enter on the login menu.
  • You will enter the KlikBCA menu or BCA internet banking.
  • You can find the transaction menu, balance information, mutations and others in the BCA i banking menu.

4. Other Questions About Key BCA

The following are some of the questions that arise in the BCA Key or BCA Token problem:

  • The reason for making a BCA key? This is a security feature owned by BCA. So only users who have this BCA key can access internet banking. So this is an advantage that BCA has compared to other banks. However, there are still those who think that the use of BCA keys is more complicated than other banks.
  • How much is the monthly fee for BCA key? There are no special monthly fees charged to Bank BCA customers. Charges are only charged at the beginning of use and when the BCA key has run out of battery.
  • How to transfer BCA internet banking without KeyBCA? Because you have agreed to the use of this BCA key. So if you don’t have a BCA key, you can’t access internet banking. Because for the safety factor too.
  • How to get BCA key online? You can ask questions and contact the cs of Bank BCA above which we convey. Try to apply online if you can.


Those were some ways to get the BCA key without going to the bank, where we can provide the information. To maintain the security of this BCA key, we recommend coming directly to the nearest BCA bank branch office in your city. Because this is a physical item, it is better to come directly to the office.

For the sake of user security, BCA keys cannot be sent via delivery services. Because if it is sent and the recipient is not a user of the BCA bank account, it can be dangerous. Thank you for reading our article on how to get the BCA key tool and other information. Hopefully it can be useful and good luck trying it.

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