4 Ways to Get Rid of Glance in Realme of All Types

How to get rid of Glance in Realme

With the Glance feature, the wallpaper on the Lock Screen will change in real time. So how do you get rid of Glance on the right Realme?

For users of the latest Realme cellphones, they will definitely find the Glance feature. Where their lock screen wallpaper will change with a random default image from the Realme system itself.

The aim of Realme is to share enough so that users don’t get bored because they will be presented with different images on the lock screen. However, some users actually feel disturbed by this feature because the images displayed are quite random.

In general, Android cellphone users want to do more cellphone customization. Where they want their cellphones to be able to do various customizations that are quite in accordance with the wishes of the user.

With the free glance feature, users will be a little limited by the limited lockscreen wallpaper. That’s the main reason why users HP Realme prefer to be able to disable glances on their HP Realme.

How to get rid of Glance in RealmeAlthough many Realme users are annoyed by the Glance feature, this feature is actually quite interesting to use. Where the lock screen will change according to the image of the cellphone system.

There are several steps that need to be taken to get rid of Glance Realme. Starting from deactivating Glance, removing Glance to uninstalling the Glance application itself. Here are some ways that will Projectino share for realme users.

1. Uninstall Glance Realme

The most effective way to remove glace is to remove this application. HP Realme users who really feel that Glace will no longer be used can delete or uninstall the application.

  1. Enter the settings menu on HP Realme
  2. Scroll down select the Apps menu
  3. Select Manu Manage Applications
  4. Then select the wallpaper glance application
  5. Please uninstall
  6. Then OK

The Glance Wallpaper application can also be uninstalled on the Realme cellphone home page. The trick, please hold the wallpaper application at a glance then select the Uninstall menu, so the wallpaper application will automatically be deleted by the realme system.

2. Via Settings

The next step is to access the Settings menu. You can access the settings menu on HP Realme to disable applications or the glance feature on HP Realme easily and quickly.

  1. Open the settings menu on HP Realme
  2. Select menu ambient and lock screen
  3. Then select settings carousel wallpapers
  4. Please uncheck the turn on/off
  5. Then automatically turn off the glance feature

This second option can be an alternative to deactivating Glance Realme without deleting it. So, if you think that one day you will use this feature again, you can use this second method.

3. Via Wallpaper Permissions

Disabling application permissions is the same as disabling the application without the need to delete it. You can also use this method, which is to remove permissions so that later the Glance Wallpaper application will be deactivated by the Android system.

  1. Enter the settings menu
  2. Scroll down and select the Apps menu
  3. Next tap on Permissions
  4. Proceed to the Other Permissions menu
  5. On the application page, please search for the application comedy carousel wallpaper
  6. Please deactivate all permissions for the Wallpaper glance application
  7. So the Wallpaper Glance feature will automatically be deactivated

This third option can also be an interesting choice for Realme Phone users. By deleting wallpaper permissions, the wallpaper glance will automatically not appear again.

4. Change Lock Wallpaper

After being deleted or deactivated, users can immediately search for a new lock screen wallpaper. Thus there will be no indication that the glance wallpaper will be active again because the user is still using it.

Please choose the wallpaper that suits you or maybe it fits the theme on the cellphone. The wallpaper used can also be from the website or application that provides the wallpaper that you like.


So that’s how to remove the glance wallpaper on HP Realme, where the method above can be applied to all HP Realme. To delete or deactivate it yourself, there are no additional requirements or applications to delete it.

You HP Realme users can easily remove glances in the 4 ways above. See also tutorial about How to Samsung Battery Health on previous information from Projektino.