4 Ways to Increase Profits to Millions of Rupiah on the Internet for a Design Business

Currently the work of the nation’s children is no longer in doubt by the world, many works of the nation’s children are able to penetrate the world market. This can inspire the Indonesian people, especially among the youth to participate in showing their work. This will increase the confidence and optimism of the Indonesian people to face the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).

In today’s instantaneous era, works can be seen all over the world with just a “click” then the work will be spread all over the world. For those who want to start working and show their work to the world, you can use various kinds of internet media. Just imagine, you have created a design work and distributed your work to various sources. Of course, this will cost you a lot of money and energy. Then, how do you make your design business increase in profits on the internet? This question is so important, it is often experienced by design business providers. Remember, you can achieve success in running a business if you are always consistent and determined to always try to achieve it. And all of this, of course, takes time. What you have to do is do the following tips continuously. For that, here are some things you should do to increase your business profit:

id="1-buat-website-portofolio-gratis" style="text-align: justify;">1. Create a Free Portfolio website

You can upload your graphic design work on free portfolio websites such as behance.com and kreavi.com. Your work will appear on the website. Other designers also display their work on the website. On the free portfolio website there are many design categories and you can upload works according to the category.

As we all know that social media is a surefire way to show the results of our work to everyone, Many social media today such as facebook.com, twitter, instagram, snapchat and many more. By uploading to social media (with your watermark) many people will see your work.

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3. Take part in competitions

To show your existence and your work, you can take part in various competitions and design competitions. There are websites that provide websites for design competitions such as 99design.com, sribu.com and many more. If you have won the competition, the price of the design you will sell can be more expensive and the profit you get will be even greater :).

4. Create a Personal Portfolio Website

After uploading your design work on a free portfolio website, social media, and participating in various design competitions, you can create a personal portfolio website, where you can customize your own website according to your wishes. Lots profit If you have your own portfolio website, potential customers / visitors to your website will know the results of your work and track record which can increase trust and negotiate the price of your work will be higher. What if you don’t have special skills to create a website? Don’t worry, you can ask your friends for help who are experts in their fields or you can access various kinds of things tutorials

or tutorial videos.

How, quite interesting isn’t it? If you look at examples of how to increase the profit of your design business, it looks simple and even very simple. Precisely because of the selection of a simple method that makes the candidate customer easy to find when they need the services of a designer like you. Don’t forget to fill in the comments related to increase the profit of the design service business In the comments column below, Mebiso.com is very enthusiastic to hear your story.