4 Ways to Overcome a Dead Samsung Cellphone Turning On Itself Easily

How to Overcome a Dead Samsung Cellphone Turning On Alone? maybe a question like this is enveloping you who are experiencing something similar. Not wearing it really feels like having an Android phone that often restarts itself.

Samsung cellphones that experience restarting on their own or turning off by themselves are of course a problem that is quite difficult. How not, the cellphone will restart itself at any time for several reasons.

So, you Samsung Android cellphone users who are experiencing problems like this should not need to panic. There are a number of things that can be overcome when you encounter a problem with your cellphone having an event that turns itself off and then turns on again.

In general, this can happen because the cellphone memory has run out. But it could also be a BUG that makes the cellphone restart itself frequently. Besides there are other factors such as damage to the hardware.

So users need to do their own analysis to find out the damage to the Samsung cellphone. As well as Check Samsung HP Sensors which only requires a secret code from the Samsung cellphone itself.

How to Overcome a Dead Samsung Cellphone Turning On Itself EasilyDealing with a Samsung cellphone that restarts itself is actually easy, as long as you know the main cause of the cellphone experiencing this. Where there are many reasons why cellphones often restart themselves due to several things, of course.

Well, here Projektino will share interesting information about how to deal with a Samsung cellphone turning itself off. Make sure Samsung HP users understand the following things.

1. Clear Cache

How to Overcome a Dead Samsung Cellphone Turning On AloneThe first option is to clear the cache on a Samsung cellphone. Where the cache can also make the cellphone restart itself suddenly. Clearing the cache is of course the best solution for dealing with frequent restarts of HP.

  1. Open the Settings menu or Settings on your Samsung cellphone
  2. Next select menu Application
  3. After that select an application which will clear the cache
  4. Then you will enter the Application Info menu. Now in this section, please select the Storage menu
  5. Then click the button Clear Data
  6. Next select OK to delete all data on the application permanently which includes all files, settings, accounts, databases, etc.
  7. After that the cache in the application will be deleted

Clearing the cache is deleting cache per application, so you can choose which application will clear the cache. Well, this option is interesting for users who have a lot of apps on their Samsung phones.

2. Samsung Battery Calibration

How to Calibrate a Samsung HP Battery

The second option is to recalibrate the Samsung HP battery, where you can practice this method so you can deal with a cellphone that turns itself off. Battery calibration is used to anticipate if the HP battery is damaged.

  1. Enter the call menu on the Samsung cellphone
  2. Continue with typing *#0228#
  3. Later it will go directly to the battery status menu
  4. You can see battery information in this menu
  5. To continue with the calibration process, please enter the Quick Start menu
  6. Next click OK
  7. Then the cellphone will calibrate the battery, wait until the process is complete

Samsung cellphone users, of course, must understand the options for calibrating so that later the cellphone can return to normal. This is done as an effort if the battery is indeed damaged and needs to be recalibrated.

3. Update Update

So, then please update the update if it’s already in the settings menu. This is done to anticipate the occurrence of a Samsung HP BUG due to the constraints that exist on the cellphone.

If there is already an update, just do the update immediately. We can find updates on the system update menu and also about cellphones. Please download the update then do regular updates.

4. Delete Unused Applications/Files

Many of the problems with cellphones that always restart on their own are due to running out of memory capacity. So you can check the remaining internal memory of your Samsung cellphone.

Make sure the cellphone has free storage space of at least 15% of the memory capacity of the Samsung cellphone. As an alternative, you can delete files and applications that are no longer used.

Please delete applications that users deem unnecessary or maybe files that are not used. With the aim of providing additional storage space on Samsung cellphones to overcome cellphones that often restart themselves.


So there are a number of options that you can apply when you find that your Samsung cellphone often restarts. The four options above can be very interesting choices so that Samsung cellphones can return to normal use.

In general, cellphones that restart themselves are cellphones that have run out of memory. So make sure your cellphone memory is relieved enough. See also reviews about How to Move Apps to Vivo SD Card the previous information is correct.