4 Ways to Relieve Pain in the Breasts During the Weaning Process

Jakarta – After the breastfeeding period, it’s time for the mother to wean the little one. Usually, in the first few days of the weaning process, your breasts may become swollen.

This is normal, Mother. No need to worry because there are several natural ways that can relieve swollen breasts after weaning.

The decision to wean a child is not always easy for most mothers. Moreover, togetherness in love that is lived for a long time is difficult to just let go. Not infrequently, the baby looks fussy and this condition makes the mother unsteady to wean the little one.

Yes, deciding to wean your child is a good thing to do slowly, Mother. That way, the child will get used to changes in routine and eating patterns and the mother’s body will also get used to not producing milk.

In the weaning process itself, of course, it is colorful, depending on the condition of each mother’s body. In general, you will experience pain, fever, and swollen breasts after weaning. And, this is a normal symptom experienced by most mothers when weaning.

Yes, Mother after the baby stops breastfeeding, you may feel the breast lump for 5-10 days. These painful lumps indicate a blocked duct or the start of mastitis Raising Children.

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When there is a lump that is painful and doesn’t go away after 24 hours and you feel flu-like symptoms, see a doctor as soon as possible, Mother, to get the right treatment.

If this occurs, try massaging the lump or expressing a little milk to reduce the lump that has accumulated in the breast.

“Weaning has physical, hormonal and emotional effects on nursing mothers. When weaning gradually, you can prepare and adjust to changes over time.

Meanwhile, if weaned suddenly, this can have a greater impact on the body including swollen breasts,” said Donna Murray, a nurse practitioners, as quoted from the page Very Well Family.

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Also watch the video about overcoming swollen breasts when weaning below.

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