4 Ways to Scan Barcodes on an Android Phone Without an Application

How to Scan Barcodes on an Android Phone Without an Application

In the era of increasingly advanced developments, it is appropriate for us Android cellphone users to be able to keep up. One of them is the trend to use barcode scans on Android phones. For how to scan barcodes on Android cellphones, the method is the same.

QR barcode codes can be scanned to make payments or direct to a link on the web. We have encountered more and more barcodes with QR barcodes in various places to access payments, links and information.

It will be very funny if you are an Android cellphone user who cannot use a barcode scan. Basically doing a barcode scan yourself is very easy. Where barcode scanning is becoming more and more common in public services and big cities.

Some new Android phones may already be equipped with a barcode scan feature by default. If your favorite Android phone is not equipped with a barcode scan feature, then you can use a third-party application or the like.

To be able to access barcode scans on your own Android phone is very easy, so you Android phone users shouldn’t be confused. This time Projectino I will provide a tutorial on how to scan barcodes on Android phones that are correct and also easy.

How to Scan Barcodes on an Android Phone Without an ApplicationTo be able to scan barcodes, it requires a different system from the usual camera. Therefore, to scan barcodes, you cannot use the camera with normal settings.

Almost the same How to Scan Photos on an Android Phone to scan barcodes also need to require a special scan. So, here are some ways that you might need to know about how to scan.

1. Using Google Lens

How to See a WiFi QR Code on a Vivo HPGoogle Lens is generally the default application on some of the latest Android phones. This official application from Google is a scanner application that is very mandatory on an Android phone.

Apart from the application, you can also use this feature on the Google Chrome browser itself. For how to use it yourself, please follow a few steps this time.

  1. Open the Google Lens app
  2. If you haven’t, you can downloads first
  3. Open app and grant app permission access
  4. Then you can tap Browse by camera
  5. Please point the camera at QR codes to be scanned
  6. Then you will be directed to the destination of the barcode

The Google Lens application itself is one of the applications that is mandatory on your Android phone. Where this application will have a variety of interesting features and is very suitable for you to use

2. Using the Google Chrome Application

See WiFi QR Code on HP VivoThe next option is to use the Google Chrome application. The Google Chrome application itself is a default application which is sure to exist on any Android phone.

In the Google Chrome application itself there is a feature to be able to scan. The lens feature can be found in the latest version of Google Chrome, so when using this method, please follow the easy method below.

  1. Open, please Google Chrome application
  2. On the Google Chrome main menu select the icon image Google lenses camera at the top right
  3. Next Allow Google Lens access Gallery
  4. Then you can tap Browse by camera
  5. Please point the camera at QR codes to be scanned
  6. Then you will be directed to the destination of the barcode

This method can only be used if the user is already connected to the internet, alias in an online condition first. This method is one of the easiest and fastest ways because the Google Chrome application itself is definitely on your Android phone.

3. Via the Website

How to Scan Barcodes on CellphonesThe next way is to take advantage of barcode scanning service provider sites. Where this one option can be a very interesting choice and an alternative to the previous method. There are many websites or sites that offer features to be able to scan barcodes.

  1. Open browsers on an Android phone
  2. Enter page webqr.com
  3. Grant access Allow site access camera tap allow
  4. If so, you can point the camera at QR codes
  5. Wait until the scanning process is complete

So, that’s an easy way that you can do as an alternative if the previous second method fails or experiences problems. There are lots of pages that you can use, but the weqr website is a trusted messenger for scanning barcodes or QR codes.

4. iPhone/IOS users

Android users also need to know how to scan a barcode on an iPhone from the gallery without an application. Who knows in the future Android users will use the iPhone so they can use this option.

  1. Open Camera on iPhone
  2. Please select the rear camera
  3. Point the camera at the QR code
  4. Wait until the scan process is successful

Well, compared to Android users, this method is of course much easier to apply. When you later use IOS, you can use this method to scan the QR code.


So that’s a few easy steps for how to scan barcodes on cellphones without applications and using additional applications. Where you can easily apply all of the above methods on your Android phone.

All Android cellphones of any type and brand, of course, can use the method above. Hopefully the information this time can be useful and you can apply it correctly. See also interesting tutorials about How to see a Vivo mobile QR code in the previous review from Projektino for you Vivo cellphone users.