4 Ways to Wean Your Child so You’re Not Fussy, Never Give Up, Bun

Jakarta – Weaning a child for some breastfeeding mothers may not be an easy process. When the child is fussy again, it is not uncommon for the weaning process to fail. Let’s read first, how to wean a child so that they are not fussy so that the weaning process goes smoothly, Mother.

Especially at night, when the baby starts to wean, the fussiness usually gets worse. Because they usually ‘nenen’ non-stop and then stop, of course the child is confused and can’t get his habit of breastfeeding back. The fuss is hard to stop.

This position may not be easy for the busui. Not infrequently, they are unable to get through it and choose to postpone the weaning process for a while.

In fact, weaning at night is actually very effective even though it takes a struggle to get through this phase, Mother. Not a few busuis also choose this time to wean, Mother.

According to Azura Goodman, a lactation consultant in Hamilton, Ontario, there are many reasons mothers may choose to wean at night.

“People go back to work or they see that their mood is affected by lack of sleep. Because, when you don’t get enough sleep, the ‘axis’ gets shorter,” Goodman said, as quoted from the page. Todayparent.

In addition, some mothers also experience interference perinatal mood such as depression and anxiety. And, sometimes moms just know they’re not getting the amount of sleep they need.

Then the reason

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prompting some mothers to decide to wean their children at night. Goodman himself stressed that mothers who want to wean especially at night should consult a doctor before making a decision.

“An infant is usually ready to be weaned at night if they get good food during the day and their diet at night appears to consist of shallow, non-nutritive sucking, which is the type of calming behavior without a lot of milk,” Goodman adds.

For this reason, Goodman suggests that if you want to wean without fussing your baby at night, you should do it gradually. For example, start cutting back on breastfeeding one night at a time for a few weeks. This process is much easier for breastfeeding mothers.

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