42 Home Interior Inspirations For Green Color Lovers

Are you here familiar with color psychology? Color psychology itself is a theory that states that a color can have an influence on human emotional aspects. Starting from the mood, character, feelings, to human behavior, you know.

Each color has its own color psychology and this is a psychology that has been studied for centuries, you know. Therefore, the selection of colors whose effects are as expected is important. Including for residential interior design. As a place to live, the colors in the house must bring positive emotions, right?

One of them is green. The green color of course most symbolizes nature and a beautiful and fresh atmosphere. Green is also believed to be a color that brings a sense of security, calm, health, and even fertility. Green is also a color that reduces stress levels.

No wonder, green is still an interior color trend ahead of 2022. Especially lighter, paler greens like Sage Green, Mint Green, Jade Greenor Kelly Green. Then, make a darker green color available Forest Green, Army Greenor Marine Green.

Of course, the beautiful and fresh feel is not only obtained from the color of the wall paint or furniture, but also the plants in the room that make up the interior design genre such as Natural, Tropical

Modernor Urban Jungle which utilizes many ornamental plants.

Of the two ways to build a green feel at home, a combination of green interior decorations and beautiful ornamental plants will make the interior look natural, calming, and of course. fresh.

As inspiration, Dekoruma has collected five inspirations from various rooms in the house that are green in color. As soon as you see it, you will immediately fall in love and want to decorate your house like this.

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