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ipadguides.id – Hello, Zone Friends! This time Mimin will share about 5 activities that can make it easier for final students to get jobs.

As a final year student, you must have thought about the job to be chosen. But getting a job in accordance with the field and skills is not easy. Therefore, Mimin will share how you can easily get a job. Come on, just take a look at Mimin’s review below!

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Take Career Support Courses

Illustration of choosing a major (Photo: Your plan)

The Independent Campus Policy allows students to study in other majors. You can take advantage if the campus has implemented this policy. This method will be very useful for students who have different career dreams from the majors they take.

For example, you want to work in the CSR section (Corporate Social Responsibility) at a German company, but the major you are currently studying is interior design. Zone friends can take elective courses related to CSR, sociopreneurand its kind.

Have a Job Seeker Site Account

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Friend Zone, as soon as possible create an account and provide complete information about yourself related to work, such as academic achievement, to internship experience. You also need to include organizational experience, committee, achievements, portfolio, and test results certificates such as TOEFL or IELTS.

Enliven the Campus Job Fair

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Besides Career Center, Job Fair is an activity that should not be missed by final year students, especially for those of you who have passed even though the official diploma has not yet been issued. Especially when Job Fair held by the campus, it could be attended by companies that are targeting to get prospective employees from the campus.

In contrast to job search sites, in Job Fair You can directly interview and meet with HRD and users. So that the opportunity to be accepted for work becomes greater.

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Visit Career Center

Illustration of Career Center (Photo: Batamnews)

A number of campuses now have facilities Career Centerin Career Center, students can get the information and guidance needed for job preparation. Starting from getting guidance on compiling cover letterCV, to tips for dealing with interviews.

There, you can also consult about career choices, especially for those of you who are confused between continuing your master’s degree or working first. Not only that, Career Center also become a ‘field’ to find internships to jobs. It’s not impossible, there are companies that do work with your campus so that graduates will be prioritized.

Internship at a Dream Place

Internship illustration (Photo: Pintek)

The final semester can be a great time to return to an internship for a few months. In the past, internships were only considered an obligation to fulfill credits, but now internships are the gateway to your dream company.

Try applying at the institution or company that you want to enter after graduation. If there is no internship information on the official website, take the time to contact HRD. Take advantage of internship opportunities to show your best performance and build good relationships with many people, especially bosses.

5 Activities That Can Make It Easy for Final Students to Get Jobs

Friends, these are the five activities that can make it easier for final students to get jobs. I hope this helps.

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