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The photos in this post use a camera that I briefly reviewed in a previous post.

There are times when I really don’t want to carry a big camera with me when taking pictures. Besides being heavy, sometimes a large camera like a DSLR can make people uncomfortable. Even though it’s clear that the technical quality of the photo is decreasing, it could be that the quality of our photo is even better because we and our subject are both comfortable.

1. Carry-it-everywhere camera

The camera on a smartphone is enough for needs everyday snapshots. However, the photo quality will not be able to exceed the real camera. Even the camera on a smartphone cannot be used for manual control for creative exposure.

Small cameras like the BenQ G1, small enough to fit in a pocket and ready to go anywhere. Without having to sacrifice manual control capabilities like a DSLR. Especially if you are on vacation, a DSLR camera can become a burden, and make you lazy to take pictures.


When going up to Mount Rinjani, I once missed a very beautiful sight without taking pictures. Just because the body is too tired to lift the DSLR to the face. Maybe the story would be different if I used a smaller camera.

Now, wherever I go I always carry a small camera with me. Because life’s moments are too beautiful to pass up.

Did you know, the BenQ G1 is the slimmest and lightest camera (as of this writing) with a rotating LCD?

Gambir station in the morning

2. Stay Creative

By carrying a camera everywhere, I have learned to see better. Because the essence of photography is the art of seeing.

To me, photography is recording things that people don’t realize they are actually seeing. So, the LCD feature that can rotate like the G1 is an obligation on the camera in my opinion.

That way, unusual shooting angles can be achieved. People often take pictures at eye level. The photo will surely become a regular. Because everyone is also looking from the same height.

The shutter speed is a bit slow so you can feel the movement of the train.
Post office cars that may be rarely used. With scene mode miniature.
Turn the LCD, photo from below. Then rotate the photo.

3. Easy self portrait

Did i need to say more?

But please don’t overdo it.

It’s okay to take a picture of yourself.
Well this is still okay.
This is totally not okay. Oh that’s my friend, not me btw.

4. Discretion

Let me mention it one more time, DSLR is scaring people. With a large black body and a long lens, plus a shutter sound that can make people grin suspiciously. Smaller is better.

With a shutter sound that’s just a click small that it is difficult for even myself to hear, this small camera can take pictures without disturbing the comfort of others.

Street music performers.

5. Low light shot without tripod

A pocket camera like the benQ G1 doesn’t need a mirror like a DSLR. Therefore a small camera can reduce vibration from a moving mirror, and can use a slower shutter speed

And what I like about the G1, it has an f/1.8 aperture at 24mm wide. Also coupled with an optical image stabilizer that can dampen our vibrations. I can even shoot at 1/2 second without shaking!

Let’s ditch the tripod!

I took this Monas photo without a tripod, with a speed of 1 second, f/1.8, and leaning against the wall
The image stabilizer helped me shoot this low light sunrise without a tripod.

So, what do you think?

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