5 Bad Impacts if Babies Lack Tummy Time, Can Digest Digestion too

Jakarta – Have you ever heard the term tummy time? Quoted from the page Kids Health, tummy time is a method of placing babies on your tummy for a short time when they wake up.

This is an important way to help your little one strengthen their neck and shoulder muscles, as well as improve their motor skills. Check out the full explanation.

How important is it tummy time?

Leaving your little one on his stomach for a few minutes while he is awake helps him work all the muscles in the upper body, increasing trunk stability and head control.

Tummy time helps babies build strength in their backs, legs, arms, and neck,” says Joanne Cox, MD, a pediatrician at Boston Children’s Hospital. Parents.

This helps further development, such as rolling over and sitting up. Tummy time It also encourages your little one to practice grabbing and turning, skills that are often the precursor to crawling.

How long tummy time conducted?

Quoted from the page Connecticut Childrenwhen the first time bringing your little one home from the hospital, American Academy of Pediatrics recommend 2 to 3 sessions tummy time a day for 3 to 5 minutes at a time. The total is about 15 minutes per day, Mother.

After a few months, research shows tummy time 60-90 minutes per day is ideal to help prevent early motor delay.

Don’t be surprised if your little one is fussy or just lowers his head. You can try again later. “Many babies don’t enjoy tummy time at first, but gradually get comfortable with their tummy as they build strength,” says pediatrician Ari Brown, MD. Parents.

The impact if the baby is less tummy time

A 2008 survey of 400 pediatric occupational and physical therapists conducted by the American Physical Therapy Association found a widespread increase in motor skill delay caused by insufficient infant tummy time them, Mother.

“We’ve seen firsthand what lack means tummy time for babies are developmental delays, cognitive, and organizational skills, eye tracking problems, and behavioral problems, to name a few complications,” says Judy Towne Jennings, PT, MA, a physical therapist and researcher. Romper.

“Parents, especially those who have just had a baby, need to understand the importance tummy time,” he said. Reported from the page Romperhere are the bad effects if your little one is lacking tummy time Mother.

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1. Head defects

The same survey by American Physical Therapy Association which connects the lack of tummy time with delayed motor skills also found an association with a deformed baby’s head, Mother.

“Since the early 1990s, we have seen a significant reduction in SIDS cases while witnessing an alarming increase in skull deformation,” says Colleen Coulter-O’Berry, PT, MS, PCS, physical therapist at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

Head defects known medically as deformational plagiocephaly This, generally occurs on the back of the baby’s head and is most often more prominent on one side.

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