5 Benefits of Kedondong Fruit for Pregnant Women, Mothers Need to Know

Who doesn’t know kedondong? This fruit is very popular around us, Mother also knows. Kedondong is a fruit that grows a lot in Southeast Asia. Kedondong can be eaten directly, or processed into various processed foods.

The green kedondong fruit still tastes a bit sour. Therefore, kedondong fruit that is still not too ripe is usually dried in the sun and made into pickles or jam. Meanwhile, what we often encounter is the ripe, bright yellow kedondong fruit. The fruit is delicious with a seed in the middle.

Wow, you can imagine how fresh this fruit is, Mother.

Kedondong is also popular as food cravings pregnant women like you. Not infrequently, when cravings, Mother really wants kedondong.

But the question is, is this fruit safe for pregnant women? Then, what are the benefits of kedondong fruit for pregnant women?

Is it safe for pregnant women to consume kedondong fruit?

Although it can be eaten directly, sometimes kedondong is present in a mixture of various processed foods. For example, such as salad, one of the foods that are often desired by pregnant women during cravings.

As quoted from Mom Junction, Just like other fruits, kedondong is very beneficial for pregnant women. Kedondong contains many vitamins and minerals that will greatly help the mother in pregnancy.

During pregnancy, you will need foods that are rich in fiber, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C, folic acid, and various other nutrients to keep your body strong until you give birth.

Like other fruits, kedondong has various benefits for pregnant women. It’s just that, if you have problems in digestion, it’s a good idea to reduce or not eat kedondong.

The reason is, kedondong fruit is very likely to cause heartburn which is very common during pregnancy. Heartburn caused by stomach acid rising into the esophagus, which will be very uncomfortable for you.

Then, what are the benefits of kedondong fruit for pregnant women?

Benefits of kedondong fruit for pregnant women

Kedondong fruit is a fruit that is not difficult to find and has many benefits, especially for pregnant women. In a serving of the fruit, kedondong contains:

  • Energy as much as 48 Kcal,
  • 1 gram of protein,
  • 12 grams of carbohydrates,
  • 233 IU of vitamin A,
  • 30mg of vitamin C,
  • 15 mg calcium,
  • 3 mg of iron, and
  • 22 grams of phosphorus.

Illustration of kedondong fruitIllustration of the benefits of kedondong for pregnant women/ Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto/JOKO SL

As reported by Indian Med, The following are the various benefits of kedondong fruit that can be felt by pregnant women.

1. Boost the immune system

In times of a pandemic like this, immunity is very important to get. Kedondong fruit contains vitamin C which is very useful for boosting the immune system.

In addition, vitamin C in kedondong fruit will increase the process of collagen formation, contain antioxidants, and prevent damage caused by free radicals.

2. Can treat cough

Coughing during pregnancy can make you feel uncomfortable. Not many people know that kedondong can actually be used as a cough medicine.

Either the leaves or the fruit, kedondong is very useful as a cough medicine.

3. Gives a lot of energy

The high sugar content in the kedondong fruit can provide energy to pregnant women. The sugar contained in kedondong is in the form of sucrose, which provides instant energy.

Kedondong is a fruit that can make Mother healthy again in a natural way, and can increase vitality and endurance.

4. Improve eyesight

Vitamin A plays a good role in fruit kedondong. Kedondong is an excellent source of vitamin A and can help you improve your eyesight during pregnancy.

Vitamin A compounds known as retinol can help distribute the image received by the retina of the eye.

5. Prevent anemia

The increased blood volume during pregnancy has the potential to make red blood flow not smooth. Well, the iron contained in the kedondong fruit can help you launch red blood and prevent anemia. So, the little one who is the mother is still awake.

Those are the various benefits of kedondong fruit, especially for pregnant women, so if you really want to eat kedondong while pregnant, you don’t need to delay anymore, Mom, just ask your husband to buy it right away. Enjoy kedondong and hopefully useful, Mother.

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