5 Benefits of Mustika Ratu Olive Oil for Caring for Your Body’s Beauty

If you have skin or hair problems, try using Mustika Ratu olive oil. Here are 5 benefits of Mustika Ratu olive oil.

From ancient times, not only used for cooking spices, our ancestors have also used olive oil as a skin care. Along with the times, olive oil has been processed into various beauty care products for skin and face.

One of the well-known beauty brands in Indonesia which is famous for its olive oil products is Mustika Ratu. What are the benefits of Mustika Ratu olive oil? Check out the full review below.

1. As a cleansing oil

The benefits of Mustika Ratu olive oil on this one are no longer a secret. Mustika Ratu Olive Oil can fade the product make-up waterproof you, like lip cream, mascara, eyelinerand eyeshadow. Because it is made from natural ingredients, using olive oil as a cleansing oil will not irritate the skin.

How to use it is to pour it into a cotton swab or cotton swab, then wipe it on the part of the face that you want to clean. Or you can directly rub the oil on your face while rubbing gently, then wipe with cotton or wipes. But after that, you still have to clean your face with face wash as a second cleanser so that all the dirt goes away and the face remains smooth.

2. Overcoming dry skin

If you feel that your body or face feels dry, use Mustika Ratu olive oil as a savior. There are various causes that make your skin dry, such as lack of fluids, skin care products, age, or weather. Skin that is too dry will create textures on the skin to make wrinkles uncomfortable.

Therefore, you have to keep your skin moisturized with a moisturizer, lotion, or use essential oils such as olive which have been proven effective. In addition, olive oil contains good anti-oxidants to protect the body from the threat of free radicals and prevent signs of premature aging.

The trick is to use it by applying it to dry parts of the body or face. You can also use it as a treatment before going to bed so that when you wake up the next morning, your skin will be healthy and moisturized.

3. Avoid hair damage

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Another benefit of Mustika Ratu olive oil is that it prevents your hair from experiencing various types of damage. For those of you who have split ends, dull, dry, and even hair loss, try this multi-functional product.

How to use it is very easy, namely by pouring it into your hands, and smoothing it on your head or hair, then massage it like using hair oil.

4. Makes skin firmer

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One of the causes of saggy skin is a lack of water so that its elasticity decreases. Motivated treatment by applying olive oil regularly will help retain moisture and restore firmness.

This is because, olive oil extract contains linoleic acid which is useful in maintaining the water content in the cells.

How to get the benefits of Mustika Ratu olive oil to maintain skin firmness is to apply it to all parts of the body and face, then leave it on overnight. The next morning, you rinse with a shower as usual.

5. Fade dark lips naturally

Did you know that olive oil extract contains vitamin K which can help fade? dark spot? This is the reason why olive oil can be one way to make beauty with natural pink lips

The way to use it is that you can apply it directly like using a lip balm or as a lip scrub by using olive oil with added sugar.

If you regularly exfoliate your lips twice a week and use it as a lip balm, over time your dark lips will turn naturally pink.

Not only is it affordable and easy to get, it turns out that there are many benefits of Mustika Ratu olive oil.

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