5 Benefits of the Internet of Things, Will Be the Future of Indonesia!

From TV to CCTV, you can find the internet everywhere! yes, I think everything around us has been integrated with the internet so that it can be accessed everywhere. This is the so-called Internet of Things (IoT) era!

Even though it looks like in a movie science fiction, but IoT can be the future of Indonesia, you know. Jagoan Hosting as the best internet, server, and hosting service provider in Indonesia will give you 5 benefits of internet of things that will make you nod in wonder!

1. Data can be integrated directly and can be accessed anywhere easily

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Have you ever imagined that for example, if you experience a house accident being burglarized by a thief, then you are confused about the reporting evidence? You can directly access the application on your smartphone to download CCTV footage, friend!

Not only that, the internet of things also offers more sophisticated options such as CCTV which is integrated with a house fence that can only be opened with a certain pin. For example, if someone breaks in without opening the pin, CCTV will immediately send an emergency room to your smartphone. Cute, right?

5 Benefits of the Internet of Things, Will Be the Future of Indonesia!

Generally, this system is applied in CCTV monitors for newborns. Imagine if it could be integrated into even more furniture!

2. Practical and more economical at one time

Even better, you just have to have wifi at home, all the furniture in the house can be integrated into one! Watch YouTube from TV, why not? You can really use the remote from your smartphone!

This can also be applied in government offices. For example, a printer-scanner that can directly scan images and print a QR to download documents in soft files, for example. Everything can be done as long as there is internet!

3. More efficient in carrying out tasks and working with the internet of things

The main strength of the internet of things is automation. This means that every time you give a command to your smart-device, it will automatically do other things at once.

For example, if your smart car runs out of gas, the indicator on the smartphone will light up and can automatically activate low power mode for smart cars to be more fuel efficient!

4. Create developerinternet of things can help understand consumer behavior

The internet of things is an insane data center, man! Just imagine a smart TV that can check what your favorite shows are on Sunday afternoons and will display similar recommendations.

This can be recognized by developers and studied as material for creating better tools! Not only loose change, but what is important is like a medicine box that rings when the ulcer medicine is about to run out on an old date!

5. Can control public facilities without periodic checks

The benefits of the internet of things that are beneficial for the government of course control public facilities. Imagine a street light with a blue indicator when a flood occurs or a light that adjusts to conditions such as foggy.

This public facility will also send an indicator when a lamp needs to be replaced or a short circuit occurs that is connected to the monitoring system for public facilities in government offices, for example. Immediately spry, no need to wait long to be replaced!

Isn’t that futuristic about the benefits of the internet of things? For those of you who happen to work as developers, there’s nothing wrong with taking advantage of this opportunity! You can create integrated applications for smart-devices via the internet of things, friend! Dime technology such as smart-bulbs, aka bulbs that you can adjust the color via your smartphone, can also amaze your users!

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