5 Benefits We Feel As a Team

It has become a habit for us to do office outings every three months. There are various forms of activities and locations. For example, we once shot each other in the paintball arena, walked on the beach, and went rafting on the Progo River.

The holding of activities like this is not without reason. At first we did an outing just for fun. After several editions run, we realized one important thing: there are many other benefits experienced by team members after recreation together.

Office outing, in our opinion, should ideally not only be about sightseeing and having fun.

Wouldn’t everything be more valuable if it had a deeper meaning?

Outing activities can be packaged in such a way that it can effectively instill the values ​​of the company to all team members.

Well, last weekend, the exact date November 4, 2017, Niagahoster held an office outing for the internal team and employees. This activity was followed by team members from the top to the bottom level. Interestingly, two additional participants took part in the activity: Arnas Stuopelis as CEO of Hostinger Global and Daugirdas Jankus, Head of Marketing at Hostinger Global. Photos of the activities can be seen at the following Facebook post.

This time it is located in Pulesari Tourism Village, Turi, Sleman. The location is not too far from our office, only about 15 kilometers to the north. Many team members had never known (or even heard of) Pulesari Village before. Understandably, even though it is relatively close, this village is located on the border of the province of the Special Region of Yogyakarta and Central Java, precisely at the foot of Mount Merapi.

Although little-known among our team members, in fact Pulesari Village is crowded with tourists. This can be seen from the large number of groups who participate in various activities there, be it schools, companies, to communities of places of worship.

In connection with a short recreation in Pulesari Village, we carry the theme: Dolan Ndeso, Sesuk Bali Kerjo. This sentence in Javanese means more or less “play in the village, tomorrow back to work.” I mean, we refreshing briefly (in a tourist village), charge energy, then return to work with a fresh mind.

On that day we left together from the office very early in the morning, around eight in the morning (yes, quite early for a Saturday) and the whole series of events ended at two in the afternoon. Although relatively short, there were many activities that we participated in together.

Arriving at the location, we were greeted by the owner of the house (because it’s a tourist village, we use residents’ houses for activities) and an instructor who will guide the activities in Pulesari. After the icebreaking session, we headed straight to the main location: a clear river flowing through the village!

The fun begins at the flow of this river. Basically, the activities we participate in can simply be referred to as river crossing. Of course, it’s not just an ordinary river. There are various games that are quite ‘complicated’ for us such as rocking bridges, bamboo jumps, vertical webs, artificial rain, water ladders, tire infiltration, spider webs, until finally stepping on the finish line at the waterfall.

So, What are the Benefits of Our Office Outing?

Like? Like! Of course very happy. We come, we adventure, we play in the water, and we laugh together. Oh but that’s not all we got.

There are at least five other key benefits that we feel as a team. We provide an explanation of each below.

1. More Relaxed Interaction

Interaction is the most important benefit. How not, every day all our team members try to do their respective tasks to serve customers. Even though we meet face to face every day, we rarely have fun time together. Of course, because the realm of interaction leads to professionalism, yes. In office outings, we have more leisure time getting to know each other.

2. Strong Bond

Good interactions between team members can form strong bonds. Well, this strong bond becomes the main capital of a team’s success in achieving something. Have you ever wondered how Niagahoster can become one of the best hosting service providers in Indonesia in a short time? The strong bond between team members is the secret.

3. Hidden Talent

Professional interactions sometimes limit team members from truly being themselves. Fun moments together like this office outing can make team members more relaxed, including discovering hidden talents. Usually, in many aspects, abilities such as leadership, man management, public speaking, and taking the right strategy will be clearly visible. The HRD team can also take advantage of this moment to find the company’s future leaders!

4. Recharge the Spirit

Office outings, believe it or not, can boost team members’ return to work. That’s how we feel at Niagahoster. His enthusiasm was immediately felt on the first day of work after recreation. Interaction becomes warmer and understanding between team members increases; these two things spark the spirit to work harder to achieve even better results.

5. Achieve Results

All obstacles in an office outing are a process and the finish line is the end result. Symbolically, these two things describe what we do at Niagahoster. We try our best as a team, then achieve the best results based on the hard work we put in. At Niagahoster, we are ready to face any challenge.

Office outing, whatever its form, no matter far or near from the office, can be a very beneficial activity for all team members.

We realize that the process and the end result must be equally good. How can we achieve great achievements if we don’t have a good process? At Niagahoster we always try to give the best for our customers. And office outing, internally, is one of the means to continue to make it happen.

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