5 Best Apps To Transfer Files From Android To PC Without Cables

Android data transfer app – via makeuseof.com

Hello, Big Buddies! Of course we often transfer data from smartphones to PCs or laptops, right?. Whether it’s data in the form of photos, videos, or others. Indeed, there is a USB cable for transferring files from a smartphone to a PC or laptop. However, we can’t always rely on data cables. Given the long data transfer process, up to the risk of data transfer failure, if the cable is suddenly unplugged, we need to be careful.

Relax, because this time we will give you an alternative solution to move files from an android smartphone to a PC or laptop, without using a data cable. How could that be?. Of course, I can! let’s look at the 5 Android data transfer applications below.


Android Data Transfer AppAirdroid – via play.google.com

AirDroid is an application that you can use to transfer files from your smartphone to your PC or vice versa. AirDroid relies on the internet network to work.

style="font-weight: 400;">Besides being able to be used to transfer files between devices, AirDroid can also be used to view smartphone notifications from a PC and reply to messages from a PC. AirDroid is a mandatory application for those of you who often work using a PC and smartphone at the same time.


Android Data Transfer App
Sweech Apps – via play.google.com

Sweech uses FTP (File Transfer Protocol) technology to handle file transfers between devices, either from an Android smartphone to a PC or vice versa. Although it is an old technology, FTP is still reliable today. This app

style="font-weight: 400;">will make it easier for you to transfer files between devices without using a USB cable at all. All you need to do is download Sweech on both devices, then connect them to the same wifi network.

id="amaze-file-manager">Amaze File Manager

Amaze File Manager – via play.google.com

Amaze File Manager is actually a file manager application but has additional features that you can use to transfer files between devices. Still the same as Sweech, Amaze File Manager also uses FTP technology. This application also has an attractive appearance because it has adopted a material design display. You can download this application for free on Google Play.


Android Data Transfer App
Portal App – via play.google.com

Portal is a wireless file transfer app developed by the same developer as Pushbullet—a popular productivity app for android devices. With Portal, you can send files between devices over a wifi network, without the need to use a USB cable. Unlike

most file transfer apps between devices, Portal is a one-way file transfer app. But if you need a reliable file transfer application, Portal is still a good choice for you.


Android Data Transfer App
Share-it App – via play.google.com

ShareIt was originally developed by Lenovo. ShareIt is a very powerful application used to transfer files between devices. You can transfer files either from android to android, android to iPhone, android to PC, or PC to android. The good news is, ShareIt is a free app. You can download it in each of your device’s app stores.

Well, those are 5 Android data transfer applications that you can use to transfer files from one device to another without using a USB cable at all. Are you interested in trying it? Or maybe you’ve already tried it?