5 Best Firebenders In Avatar: The Legend of Aang

Throughout the series The Legend of Aang, many firebenders appear in the series. Moreover, the focus of the story does show Aang as the Avatar must overcome the chaos that the Fire Nation has created. Which means, their enemies are firebenders.

This time, we’ve rounded up the 5 best firebenders that have appeared in the series Avatar: The Legend of Aang. Who is on the list we have compiled? Check out the following discussion.

Best Firebender

1. Ozai

Ozai Nickelodeon
Ozai | Nickelodeon

In the first list is none other than the father of Zuko and Azula, namely Ozai. He is the grandson of the Fire Lord Sozin who was the first great figure to master lightning control. Which means, his abilities are already truly extraordinary.

Ozai also has stable emotions. So that he can maintain his strength and release it at the right time. So we don’t hesitate to include it in this first numbered list.

id="h-2-azula">2. Azula

Azula Nickelodeon
Azula | Nickelodeon

Spoiler Alert, I think this list will contain a lot of fire royal family haha!. After Ozai, there is a second child on this list. It seems, Ozai and Azula’s strength is at the same point.

Even more terrifying, this Azula besides being a dangerous firebender, he is also someone who is difficult to take down. All his movements and evasive reflexes were really smooth and didn’t hurt him.


Azula has psychological problems. However, this problem finally made his fire control even more wild and uncontrollable. It could be, all of its potential out just to kill someone’s life.

id="h-3-paman-iroh">3. Uncle Iroh

Iroh Nickelodeon
Iroh | Nickelodeon

Ozai’s older brother has finally appeared on this list. It seems that almost all great firebenders are royalty. One of them was Uncle Iroh, who as a youth was a general who advanced on the front lines of war.

In addition, he earned the nickname western dragon when his family used to hunt dragons. He, found a pair of dragons that were still alive and hid their whereabouts. Besides getting a nickname Dragon from the West, Iroh can also control, and direct lightning. It was because of his wisdom and the knowledge he gained while studying waterbenders.

4. Jeong Jeong

Jeong Jeong Nickelodeon
Jeong | Nickelodeon

Aang’s first firebending master has more or less the same abilities as Iroh. He can even use his firebending defensively. Because according to his view, fire is a destructive element.

Apart from being Aang’s teacher, Jeong Jeong previously also taught firebending to Zhao, who was Aang’s rival at the beginning of The Legend of Aang’s story.

5. Zuko

Zuko Nickelodeon
Zuko | Nickelodeon

Unfortunately, we have to add Zuko to the last list. In fact, there’s nothing about Zuko’s technique that we think is weak. But if his strength is matched with the previous four names, it seems we dare to mention that his fire control is not as strong as theirs.

However, what we can appreciate about him is that he managed to restore the original source of firebending. That is from the dragons. After a century, the perspective on firebending has changed greatly by relying on anger.


Those were the five best firebenders in the Avatar: The Legend of Aang series. Do you think they deserve to be included in the list? Comment below, ok!

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