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It is white in color and smells good. Symbolizes love, sincerity, and eternity. It lives in the coolness of the highlands.

Hikers are familiar with it. From climbers who just want to enjoy the smell and take pictures to stupid climbers who pull out the roots for their lust.

Edelweiss is now increasingly rare. But in these high places, the eternal flower still dwells beautiful — until the time when we will continue to care for it.

1. Plawangan Sembalun

Plawangan Sembalun Mount Rinjani

Plawangan Sembalun is located on Mount Rinjani, West Nusa Tenggara. The last post before the summit, 2700 meters above sea level, one kilometer below the summit of Rinjani.

Plawangan is a narrow path at the top of the valley. From here we can see Lake Segara Anak from above. Edelweiss was at the edges of the track. Be careful falling into the abyss.

My story when I went to Rinjani can be seen here.

Good afternoon from Plawangan Sembalun

2. Suryakencana Square

Surya Kencana Gunung Gede Square. Photo by my friend Mira Afianti.

Surya Kencana can be reached by walking about 3-5 hours from the entrance of the Gunung Putri route. I just tried the Cibodas route when I got there. That’s why you haven’t had the chance to set foot on a vast plain full of edelweiss, which mythically can be heard the sound of the horse’s hooves of the warrior Prince Surya Kencana – of course it can only be heard by those who have excessive senses.

Incidentally, I’ve never been to Surya Kencana Square on Mount Gede, so I borrowed the photo first, okay? haha.


Sentence right under Mahameru

Being here is like always being overshadowed by a large figure towering above. The atmosphere is very quiet, so sometimes you can hear a few small earthquakes from Semeru which is still active. Occasionally volcanic dust will greet our faces.

Sentence. Dead times. He will only live if there is lava that approaches him.

However, this edelweiss with the background of the highest land on the island of Java does have a view that I will never forget.

4. Tegal Alun

No one is wrong to call Garut as Swiss van Java. The edelweiss bloomed profusely in a vast field as far as the eye could see.

Since you are not allowed to set up a tent here, I suggest leaving early in the morning before sunrise. You will thank me later.

Oh yes, be careful, a lot of wild pigs here.

Tegal alun in Papandayan is my favourite!
Especially at sunrise in Tegal Alun. KECEH.
It’s okay to pose a little… *smack*
Let’s take care of edelweiss together while still leaving it in its place.

The complete photo of Papandayan is in this post.

5. ……?

Because these places are new places that I have visited, so there are still few.

Do you have a favorite place to see this perennial flower? Share in the comments (if you have a photo, you can give the link or contact me) and I’ll add it to this list later!

Thank You!

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