5 Best Smartphone Making Countries in the World, All in Asia!

You know, friends, the 5 best smartphone makers in the world are all in Asia, you know!

The development of gadgets, especially smartphones, always experiences updates every year. Starting from the design, specifications, to the features. Well, smartphone brands that have managed to dominate the smartphone sales market have always been in countries that can be said to be developed and the smartphone-producing countries are competing with each other to create new and better innovations. Well this time we will discuss the 5 Best Smartphone Making Countries in the World because the products produced are proven to be of quality.

Here are the 5 Best Smartphone Making Countries in the World, All in Asia, Friends!

1. China

Due to the abundance of raw materials and labor, China is also famous for its cheap production of goods. Smartphones made in this country include Huawei, ZTE, and many, of course.

2. Japan

Without a doubt, Japan has always excelled in technology. In addition to robots, smartphones in Japan are known for their good quality. The brand you are definitely familiar with, namely Sony.

id="3-korea-selatan">3. South Korea

Besides being famous for its Korean dramas, it can be said that this country is one of the best smartphone product producers. Which maybe the smartphone you have at home. Yes, Samsung!

4. India

If Korea with its Drama series, India is famous for its Bollywood films. Companies that have participated in opening factories in India include Xiaomi, LG, and even Samsung.

5. Taiwan

Asus, Acer, and HTC, not just laptops. These brands also produce the best smartphones in the country.


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