5 Characteristics of Pregnant with Twins, Is it True that Nausea and Vomiting Become Worse?

Jakarta – Pregnancy Twins are something that most parents want. Even though it’s a hassle, there’s still a lot of happiness when you are blessed with twins.

Quoting from page CDCIn 2018, America’s twin birth rate was 32.6 per 1000 live births. That is, it is less likely to have twins naturally, Mother.

However, don’t be discouraged just yet. There are many factors that contribute to the success of a twin pregnancy program. These include fertility, age, and genetics. Remember, if God wants to give, where will the sustenance go?

Launching from babycenter, Twin pregnancies can relatively show symptoms of pregnancy that are more difficult than regular pregnancies. Some mothers feel symptoms of more pain in the breast, morning sickness severe, and weight gain rapidly. Will be journey separately for Mother.

Apart from the things above, there are actually some more definite signs that you are pregnant with twins. Read on for further explanation!

Signs of being pregnant with twins

1. Mother’s appetite is increasing rapidly

A review was reported baby center revealed that one of the early signs of pregnant women with twins is an increase in appetite in early pregnancy.

2. Tired more easily

In addition, being pregnant with twins also causes you to feel extra tired. Although extra fatigue is not always a sign of twin pregnancy, the movement of two fetuses in two different parts of the abdomen will definitely make you very tired.

Pregnant with TwinsTraits of Pregnant with Twins/ Photo: iStock

3. More nausea in the morning

Did you know, when you are pregnant with twins, you will usually experience more severe nausea and vomiting. This occurs due to a surge in the hCG hormone that occurs in the body. So that morning sickness can last longer. In fact, it can trigger hypermesis gravidarum.

“Twin pregnancies often lead to elevated hCG levels, but sometimes it also occurs in singleton pregnancies. There is a wide range of normal hCG levels for both twins and singleton pregnancies. And it’s impossible to be sure it’s twins even when initial hCG levels are elevated,” says Amos Grunebaum, MD. , director of obstetrics and head of labor and birth at New York-Presbyterian quoted from Parents.

4. Weight gain occurs faster

Mothers who are pregnant with twins are more likely to experience uncontrolled weight gain. That’s why, from the beginning, many doctors advised mothers who are pregnant with twins to keep their weight gain at 16-24 kilograms. That is, you can only increase 450-500 grams every month. This is also the reason why the belly of a mother pregnant with twins is bigger than a single pregnancy.

5. Fetal movement is more pronounced

Launching from What to Expect, the fetus in twin pregnancies will be felt more often. You can imagine, Mother, there are 4 hands and 4 legs that are growing in Mother’s womb. So you can feel two movements simultaneously on different sides of the stomach.

Well, even though you already feel the characteristics of being pregnant with twins as above, it’s still important to immediately see a gynecologist, Mom.

Twin pregnancy checkup

Examination through Ultrasonography (USG) will be more certain and accurate to check whether 1 or 2 gestational sacs are growing. Ultrasound can usually detect multiple pregnancies early.

In addition, multiple pregnancies can be detected early through a pregnancy blood test. Alternatively, the mother can also ask the doctor or midwife to detect the sound of the fetal heartbeat. This is the best way to ensure the Twins are in your tummy.

Check out the next steps if you are pregnant with twins. Click the following page!

Mothers, you can also see signs of being pregnant with twins in the video below:

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