5 Cheap Hotel Booking Applications, Don’t Make Holes

One of the things that needs to be planned when you want traveling is book a hotel or lodging. With the site or cheap hotel booking appfinding lodging is not difficult.

5 Recommended Cheapest Hotel Booking Applications

Here are 5 application recommendations hotel booking cheap you can use:

1. Booking.com, my favorite cheap hotel booking site!

site or cheap hotel booking app the one I use the most is Booking.com. Why? Because Booking.com has a variety of accommodation options. From hostels, hotels, villas, or apartments.

I always sort the search from highest review with lowest price. Just choose which one matches the price and also the reviews. The costs listed also include tax.

Unfortunately the application features are somewhat limited, not as complete as the website. On the hotel booking site you can see review from guests who have stayed.

So I use the booking.com site more often than the cellphone application.

If you frequently book hotels via Booking.com, you can rank up to Genius level where can you get 10-15% discount or free room upgrade on certain properties.

Find Cheap Hotels on Booking.com

5 Cheap Hotel Booking Applications, Don't Make Holes

Some accommodations or hotels require you to pay in advance using a credit card, there are also some that are unnecessary in the sense that you can pay directly on the spot when you arrive.

Cancellation policy also quite flexible. Usually after placing an order there will be information about the time span if you want to request a cancellation.

If you cancel the order within that time it’s free or no charge.

If you’ve ever heard hotel booking application called AgodaWell, Booking.com is arguably still a brother to Agoda, because the parent company is the same.

Only thing I don’t like on Agoda is that the price is not the same as tax, so you have to go to the checkout process first before you can see the final price.

The advantages of booking accommodation through the cheap hotel application Booking.com:

  • Accommodation options are many and complete
  • The price listed is the final price
  • Discounted prices for genius members
booking.com app
Booking.com front page
cheapest hotel booking application booking.com
Booking.com hotel list

2. Hostelworld, a cheap lodging application for backpackers

To make traveling more economical, usually I am not too picky with lodging. Because often traveling solo too, I tend to prefer stay in hostel.

Before getting to know Booking.com I always used a cheap hotel booking site or application called Hostelworld.com.

The display in the application is quite clean. Immediately see the room price dorm and room private.

Next, if you click on the hotel of choice, the page that appears is review first, so you can read review-his.

It’s new, then you can choose which room you want and also how much it costs.

At Hostelworld.com you must prepay 10% down payment by credit card. The rest is paid upon arrival.

For cancellation there are 4 options available when placing an order. Exist free cancellation, flexible booking, non-flexible bookingand non-refundable booking.

Usually you can cancel the order 24 hours before check-in time. The deposit that you give usually cannot be withdrawn refund. But if you pass this time, your credit card can becharge.

The advantages of booking accommodation through the Hostelworld.com cheap lodging application:

  • The appearance of the application is clean with review
  • Can book hostels last minute
  • There is a feature “Hostel Noticeboard” which displays events in the city so you can make new friends

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hostelworld cheap hotel booking application
Hostelworld.com view

hostelworld app
Type of room or dorm

3. Traveloka, a trusted and friendly hotel booking application for Indonesians

Honestly, I rarely book hotels through sites or applications Traveloka. Usually I just book plane tickets.

Maybe because initially Traveloka was advertised as a flight ticket search engine.

Now Traveloka has many features, including for cheap hotel bookings. What I like is friendly payment method for Indonesian citizens especially those who don’t have a credit card.

There are also feature Pay Later where you can book a hotel or flight ticket in advance and pay later, it can be 1 – 12 months after.

I’ve never tried it, but maybe if there are friends who have tried this program they can share yes.

Lately, due to the Traveloka hotel booking application pandemic, there are also many promos and big discounts. The price is so cheap. Try checking it.

The advantages of booking accommodation through Traveloka:

  • The price listed is final
  • There is an option to pay after check-in
  • Various payment methods suitable for Indonesian citizens
  • Pay Later
traveloka app
Traveloka homepage
traveloka view
Traveloka hotel list

4. Tiket.com, the application for booking hotels, you can pay in installments

From the name alone straight forward Yes, if this site or application is more about plane tickets. Tiket.com is online travel agent which is also developing in Indonesia.

Interface the application is quite easy to use. The appearance is also clean. As for the price, after I compared it, especially for booking hotels, it was higher than other sites or applications.

You can collect TIX Points which can be exchanged for certain items or discounts. Reportedly, at Tiket.com there is an installment program as well.

The advantages of booking accommodation through Tiket.com:

  • Interface apps that user-friendly
  • There are often promos
  • Payment method suitable for Indonesian citizens
  • Installment program

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Cheap hotel booking application tiket.com
TIket.com front page
display tiket.com cheap lodging application
List of hotels Tiket.com

5. Airbnb, the booking site for families!

Draft Airbnb different from other hotel booking applications. Properties or lodgings on Airbnb are usually not hotels, but a more sophisticated lodging model apartment or villa.

The way Airbnb works is more for the owner of the house/villa called host will be-list properties on this site. So host will be fully responsible for guest service.

I use Airbnb when I’m looking for it guesthouse just a unique one, or else traveling With my family, I used Airbnb to find an apartment that could accommodate more people.

Prices shown do not include booking fees. Sometimes there is an additional fee also like a cleaning fee requested by host. Payments can only be made using a credit card.

The advantages of booking accommodation through the Airbnb hotel booking application:

  • This type of accommodation is more unique and feels like cheap
  • Sometimes the price can be cheaper than staying at a hotel
  • Suitable for finding apartments for families
cheap hotel booking app airbnb
Airbnb app view

So, the conclusion? Which is the cheapest hotel booking application?

From 5 cheapest hotel booking apps above, in my opinion the cheapest and most friendly price is Booking.com. Not only that, there are also many hotel choices.

Find Cheap Hotels on Booking.com

5 Cheap Hotel Booking Applications, Don't Make Holes

Before booking, you can try to compare the prices first and then take the cheapest one. You use the most cheap hotel booking app which one? Share your experience in the comments column!

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