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ipadguides.id – Hello, Zone Friends! How are you? I’m so glad Mimin is back here to share interesting information about cool websites for summaries of materials and thousands of questions. Learning does not have to come from only one source, such as a textbook or an explanation from a teacher.

You can use the internet, such as through websites or learning provider sites. Especially with the pandemic conditions that limit us from meeting face to face, so take advantage of the time at home to study independently. What are the websites? Come on, see the reviews!

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Image of the Bospedia page (Photo: Student Zone Team documentation)

The first website is Bospedia. For Zone Friends who often get assignments, papers, or are writing a thesis and need a reference, this website is perfect. In addition, Bospedia also provides practice questions for exams and preparation for the National Examination.

On this website there are lots of the latest thesis that you can get as well as download for reference. The themes and titles are also very diverse, because there are classifications based on majors and faculties. Wow, recommended really really!

Then, if you are a student from elementary to high school, Bospedia really helps you in learning through very complete summary or practice questions. Not only that, this website also contains discussions and ways to solve the problems of each of these questions.

Among Guru

Image of the Among Guru page (Photo: Student Zone Team documentation)

Next is Among Guru, a website that provides various kinds of information other than education, such as health and world events. Among Guru has many features such as Curriculum, Learning Tools, Question Bank, Teaching Materials, Articles, and News.

This website is suitable for those of you who are majoring in Science, because it only provides Biology, Physics, and Chemistry subject matter. In addition, Among Guru also provides complete practice questions for daily tests, UTS, UAS, UN, and US (School Examinations).

Uniquely, Among Guru also contains a variety of simple science experiments. This can be a reference for those of you who get practical assignments from school.

Kemendikbud Question Bank

Image of the Ministry of Education and Culture’s Question Bank page (Photo: Student Zone Team documentation)

The Ministry of Education and Culture’s Question Bank website provides a variety of subject matter ranging from elementary, junior high, high school, vocational, and special school (SLB) levels. The Question Bank also provides facilities for teachers in making learning evaluations.

The collection of questions here is the work of teachers who are already registered at the Learning House. If you open the page, a list of subjects from various levels that Mimin mentioned earlier will appear.

In addition, when Zone Buddy does the practice questions, there is a time duration to try to do it and the name of the teacher who made it. If you want to try practice questions from other subjects, you only need to return to the main menu and select the desired lesson.

So, even when online learning you can stay productive and help get satisfactory results.

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Image of the Tanya-Tanya.com page (Photo: Student Zone Team documentation)

The next recommended website is Tanya-tanya.com. This website provides quality learning materials through material summaries, sample questions, and discussions in the form of videos that are interesting and easy for you to understand. So, learning will not be bored because while watching the video.

In addition, Tanya-tanya.com also provides a collection of questions for students Try Out and SBMPTN. Since the SBMPTN will be held soon, Zone Friends can use this website to learn.

The learning materials available here are Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry. You can too download a collection of questions for the UN, SBMPTN, and e-mailbook related to learning.

Primalangga Education

Image of the Primalangga Education page (Photo: Student Zone Team documentation)

The website recommendation for the last summary is Primalangga Education. This website provides a variety of materials ranging from Mathematics, English, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. In addition, the levels start from grades 7 to 9 of junior high school and grades of 10 to 12 of high school.

The collection of questions available is also very complete which covers all junior high and high school material. The discussion of these questions is also quite detailed and easy to understand. Uniquely, Primalangga Education also provides homework/task work services at low rates for elementary to high school.

5 Cool Website Recommendations for Material Summary and Thousands of Questions

That’s a review of cool website recommendations for material summaries and thousands of questions. Now you no longer need to have trouble and confusion to find a summary of the material, just access these websites.

Hopefully this review is useful for Friend Zone. Don’t forget to keep up to date with information about students and the world of lectures by activating the Student Zone website notification. See you later!

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