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For those who claim to love Indonesia, don’t want to lose to your friends traveler cute nan who always updates her social media accounts with photos all over Indonesia.

Let’s see Indonesia up close. Here are some place recommendations from me so you can join in as one of the cool traveler gangs. Ciao!

1. Ranu Kumbolo

What you dream of:

The morning was quiet, piercingly cold, fog rolled over the lake, as if to welcome me as I sat with friends looking for warmth, while drinking coffee from the same glass. A moment later, the sun began to emerge from behind the hill. Radiate shards of light around the valley. Pink, like the cheeks of a beautiful girl who was blushing.

Expectation : Silent contemplation at Ranu Kumbolo

What actually happened:

The morning was still cold. But there is no silence. Stomach began to churn, a sign of nature’s call. You are looking for a place to carry out daily service. Unknowingly you tripped over the ropes of the tent while looking for a way out. But unlucky, the hole you dug turned out to be just closed. Seen a pile of soft objects that are still warm under the ground. Not to mention the shameless ones on the surface without holes. Without realizing it, you stepped on them.

Reality: The market is spilling. Photo source.
Reality: After that. Source

2. Perfect

What you dream of:

Hearing people’s stories about a small island in the south of Malang which has a lagoon with a direct boundary to the Indian Ocean, your adventurous heart immediately explodes: This is heaven on earth.

Expectation : Exotic Sempu Island. Source

What actually happened:

After walking through the dense wet forest, you finally arrive at the saplings. Mood you suddenly disappeared. Sempu, which is said to be heaven, is suddenly like a market shock Sunday morning in front of the complex. Tents lined up tightly fighting for space. Several youths played guitars and shouted for attention, making the atmosphere noisy. In one corner, plastic waste and cans are ready to be swept away by seawater into the ocean.

After returning home, you sighed. Moreover, it turns out that you just found out, Sempu is a nature reserve conservation area that is not a tourist spot.

Reality : Sempu Island. Source

3. Surya Kencana, Gunung Gede.

What you dream of:

The color is white, symbolizing love, sincerity, and eternity. It lives in the coolness of the highlands. Hikers are familiar with it. From climbers who just want to enjoy the smell and take pictures to stupid climbers who pull out the roots for their lust.

Especially after you read the article 5 The best places to watch Edelweiss flowers, your soul swells again. I want to smell the fragrance of the edelweiss eternal flower whose song you often heard as a child. I want you to feel like Syahrini’s style at Surya Kencana Square — a savanna where edelweiss grows and its exoticism is undeniable.

Expectation : Surya Kencana Gunung Besar. Source.

What actually happened:

Entering the Surya Kencana desert after trekking for a few hours from Cibodas, you immediately take out your cellphone and use the Instagram application and get ready to be in the style of “I’m feel freeeeeeee…..!” However, once you lay your body among the immortal flowers, you smell a familiar odor. You look around, you are surprised to find a lot of wet wipes that have yellow patterns. Even after walking around you think, “You have paid for the entrance ticket, haven’t you? Why is this garbage not being picked up?”

Reality : Padang Surya Kencana. Source.

4. Pindul Cave

What you dream of:

Relax in a small quiet village in the interior of Gunungkidul, while enjoyingcave tubing under an underground river with stalactite rock formations with rainbow colors hanging from the limestone cave ceiling.

cave pindul expectation. Source

What actually happened:

On a sunny Sunday morning……Ah, never mind..

Goa pindul reality. Source.

5. Rinjani

What you dream of:

One of the trekking places that people say is ‘like another world’. Touted as the most beautiful track in Southeast Asia. Rinjani is one of the ‘hijri’ places for climbers in Indonesia. The long and steep track is not an obstacle to enjoying this piece of paradise on the island of Lombok.

Expectations : Good evening Rinjani.

What actually happened:

Because of the many visitors, Rinjani became a trash can. Climbers and porters also arbitrarily cut down living trees to be used as firewood. Is this really the fate of beautiful places in Indonesia?

Good morning Rinjani …… Source

Even the Caucasians who couldn’t stand it took the garbage that was scattered along the path.

Caucasians who love Rinjani trash. Source

Let’s keep Indonesia’s nature clean!

Wiro Sableng knows that mountains are not trash! Source.

Thank you and Freedom!

This post was written in order to post together in the Indonesian Travel Blogger community with the theme “Dream Indonesia” welcoming #RI70.

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