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Warning : Don’t let your passport expire or your passport expires!

Five years ago, I had to refuse an invitation to Mount Kinabalu because I didn’t have a passport. And a few weeks ago, I couldn’t fulfill an invitation to a European country because I only had five months left!

*cries in the corner*

I renewed my passport at the South Jakarta Class 1 Immigration Office on Jl. Buncit Shop. Because I want to replace my old passport with an e-passport.

Because to make this electronic passport it can only be made at the Immigration Office Class 1 Jakarta, Surabaya, and Batam.

Anyway, making and renewing a passport (or e-passport) have the same terms and prices. So just follow the steps below!

1. Prepare Requirements Documents

Prepare the originals and photocopies on a sheet of A4 paper (don’t cut it out). These documents include:

  • KTP (resident identity card) that is still valid or a certificate of moving abroad;
  • KK (family card);
  • BIRTH CERTIFICATE, marriage certificate or marriage book, diploma, or baptism certificate; (only one)
  • Letter of change of name for those who have changed their name; and
  • Old passport for those who already have a previous passport.

Already? Let’s continue

2. Pre-registration online

Register online to shorten the queue

Separate online queues and walk-in queues. So it is faster to register online first here.

But the problem is, if you want to register for an electronic passport, you can’t register online. Must still come directly on the spot. Hmm, even though it’s the same, it should be.

The difference between an e-passport and a regular passport is that it is more expensive (Rp 655 k vs 355 k), can enter Japan without making a visa (only need to register a passport at the Japanese embassy), can use the autogate feature at Soekarno-Hatta (no need to queue immigration), and more secure security.

After online registration is complete, you can pay directly to the bank according to the instructions that you will receive in the email. Then come according to the date and location of the immigration office that you specify!

3. Come to the immigration office

My queue, plus 30 priority queues (elderly, disabled, pregnant women). So queue 49

When I applied for my passport five years ago (in 2012), the queue had already reached 30 people at FOUR am! And when I renewed my 2016 passport, I got queue number 49 when I arrived at FIVE in the morning!

Loh, why do you come so early in the morning? Even the South Jakarta immigration office is open at 6am on Tuesdays and Fridays!

Apparently, there is a limit to the quota of registrants per day. I don’t know exactly, but it’s only around 100-200 people per day, that’s why people have been queuing since the early hours of the morning. There may even be some who don’t sleep all night for the sake of the first queue.

However, this rule no longer applies. So, all applicants who arrive before 10 am will still be served regardless of the amount (this is at the South Jakarta immigration office, I don’t know about the others, maybe the same). But it’s still good to come in the morning. I came at 5am, and by 7.30 I was done (it was a tuesday so they open at 6am).

No need to come early. But the earlier the better

For those who have hundreds of queue numbers, you can monitor the queue numbers at infoantrianpaspor.imigration.go.id so you can go out and look for food without having to worry about missing out when your queue number is called. Nice!

Making a passport is not long-winded. Queues are called using a digital customer service system. There are also more than 10 counters which make the service fast. That morning there was also an officer who explained the procedure for filling out the registration form in the typical stand up comedy way, it was so funny, hehe.

The atmosphere of the South Jakarta immigration office queue

After making a passport, for those who walk in will be given paper instructions for payment via ATM or bank. No need to re-confirm payment because the system is already integrated with the bank.

It’s so easy!

4. Take your passport

New Passport vs Old Passport

Ordinary passport so 3 working days after manufacture.

Electronic passport so 5 working days after manufacture.

Prepare proof of payment and come to the passport collection counter starting at 1 pm. Because the passport retrieval service hours start at that hour.

Take your old passport and new passport and don’t forget to smile 🙂


Make an expensive passport but don’t use it? Let’s order a plane ticket right away haha!

So, where is your next trip destination?

Thank You!

When are we going?

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