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ipadguides.id – Hello Friend Zona, back with Mimin who is very happy to share tips with Friend Zona. This time about 5 young ways to memorize the thesis before the trial.

Of course, one of the difficulties for students is memorizing and understanding their own thesis. Sometimes we feel unsure and confused about the scripts we make. Without further ado, let’s follow the tips or easy ways to memorize thesis material.

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Choose Easy-to-Learn Material

Illustration of reading a thesis script (Photo: Literacy)

Try to choose material that is easy to learn, so you can record important points in the thesis. Because that’s how you can maximize every thesis that you do.

Pretend To Teach Material To Friends

Acquired with friends (Photo: Maxmore)

Pretend to teach the material to a Zone Buddy friend. Because in that way, it’s as if Friend Zone explains and explains all the material related to the thesis.

This is very useful for remembering and making it easier to memorize the thesis that you made. Because they are used to being spoken to by other people.

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Write Contents With a Clear Systematic

Illustration of writing a thesis (Photo: Halo Sehat)

Write the thesis with a clear systematic. In order to be able to give good results and of course make the reader comfortable with the writing that Friend Zone made.

Don’t forget to complete it with problem analysis, theory, facts, and research results that you have done. So, what you wrote is really deep.

Reread and Think Like a Reader

Illustration of reading (Photo: Children’s Theater)

Read the articles you wrote, and think like a reader, not a writer. So that you can avoid writing mistakes or avoid writing that is not good.

Find out which thesis is stuck in your mind

Illustration of thinking (Photo: Yudha Kirana)

Find out which scripts are stuck in our minds. So that we can easily prepare all the thesis material. This is very useful to make it easier to remember and memorize the material.

5 Easy Ways to Memorize Thesis Before Session

Those are some suggestions and tips from Mimin for Zone Friends in making it easier to memorize thesis material. Hope you guys keep it up.

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