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ipadguides.id – Hello, Zone Friends! Meet again with Mimin who will discuss about the thesis trial, namely 5 questions from the examiner in chapter 1 during the thesis trial. Not only the form of the question, Mimin will share ways to answer it too!

Without further ado, let’s read the review to the end!

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Research Phenomenon

Illustration of research phenomenon (Photo: Mataram University)

In chapter 1 of the thesis, Sobat Zona must list what phenomena you are researching. The description of the research phenomenon is located in the Background chapter of the thesis. Because it has been written at length, the examiner will definitely ask this friend zone with the following questions:

“What is the phenomenon of your thesis research?”

Friends of the Zone can answer by focusing on the problem in the Y variable or your dependent variable, because the research phenomenon must be written on the Y variable.

Research Gap Research

Illustration of research gap (Photo: jzsznukd)

The research gap or research gap will be a question during the thesis trial later. This will at the same time answer what is the difference between your research and previous research. The form of the question from the examiner is usually:

“What is your research research gap?”

“What makes this study different from previous studies?”

To answer this, you need to explain the differences between your research and the previous ones, for example, differences in independent variables that you can examine from the theory with variable Y, or differences in research subjects from previous studies, and so on.

Buddy Zone can explain a lot about the differences or the newness of your research.

How to Get Data

Illustration of how to retrieve data (Photo: SHARINGKALI.COM)

Actually this question nudges a little in chapter 3 of the thesis. However, in chapter 1 it will be asked as well, especially if the Zone Buddy requires initial data as background reinforcement. The form of the question can be:

“How did you get the data?”

“What method did you use in obtaining the data?”

Friend Zone can answer it with the method you use, for example by research, observation, using questionnaires, and so on.

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Reasons to Take Research

Illustration of people researching (Photo: Science and Inspiration)

This question is the most frequent and the most tricky to answer it. Buddy Zone will be faced with a question form like this:

“What is your reason for taking up this research?”

“What makes this research interesting for you to research?”

When hearing this question, as much as possible do not answer according to personal opinions, such as “because I have liked finances since semester 6”, or “because that’s all I understood during college until this trial”.

Please answer with an academic answer, such as an overview of the importance of your research if it is applied to the society or institution where you research. Or it could be with the problems you encounter. It could also be the interest of your research subject.

Benefits From Research

Illustration of people seeking research benefits (Photo: M Jurnal)

The last one is “what are the benefits of your research?”. This question is no less often a question from examining lecturers, because a research must at least have benefits or answer problems that exist in the community or institution where you are doing research.

Therefore, Friend Zone can explain it briefly and precisely. You can also follow the pattern of Theoretical Benefits and Practical Benefits that you wrote in the thesis.

5 Examiner Lecturer Questions in Chapter 1 During Thesis Session

Alright, Zone Buddy! That’s a review of the 5 questions the examiner asked in chapter 1 during the thesis trial. Hopefully this review is useful, especially for those of you who are preparing for a thesis trial.

Mimin, goodbye, don’t forget to activate the Student Zone website post notifications for other interesting information about lectures and students. See you later!

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