5 Features of Children Born in February, Have Artistic Talents

Jakarta – February is a month that is synonymous with love. This atmosphere will certainly be felt when Mother is also looking forward to the presence of the Little One this month.

Babies born in February have their own special features. A study presented at the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology The Atlanticindicating the month of birth has an important effect on a person’s mood.

Babies born in February are said to excel in terms of health, growth, emotional development, creativity, and even the potential to achieve success in the future.

Check out the privileges of children born in February, as reported by Smart Parenting Come on, Mother.

1. Growing up faster

According to a Harvard University study, babies born in February experience faster growth and development than those born from June to November.

The study, which followed the growth of more than 22,000 babies, also found that at age 7, babies born in February were also significantly taller and heavier and had a larger head circumference than other children.

The researchers also said that February babies were smarter on certain neurocognitive variables. They scored higher on some intelligence tests, Mom.

2. Have artistic talent

In 2011, researchers from the UK found a link between a person’s birth month and their future career. After analyzing census data from 19 different occupations, they found that many babies born in February grew up with artistic talent.

A natural affinity for the artistic side is a trait that most February-born babies have. Be it music, dance, storytelling, art, or any other way. Your little one may have shown an interest in something creative from an early age.

If you notice that your little one tends to do activities other than his academic activities, you can make a plan for your little one to channel their interests.

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3. Have a bright future

You may or may not believe in astrology, but a study published in Journal of Social Sciences said many successful and famous people in various industries and fields were born with the zodiac sign Aquarius.

Researchers randomly collected about 300 names of famous people from the fields of literature, business, politics, science, music, sports, and show business. The researchers found the majority of them were born from January 21 to February 18.

Apart from artists, many inventors and scientists were also born in February. February babies hardly like to stand still and like to do their own unique things.

Your little one may start taking things apart to learn more or show a great interest in science (and related subjects) early on. Encourage him to follow his desires, yes, Mother.

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