5 Good Night Cream Brands for Oily Facial Skin

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Here are 5 good night creams for oily skin and the benefits that can be felt when you use them regularly and how to choose the right cream.

Having oily skin, of course, the treatment must be different from other skin types. Like boys’ skin, each woman’s facial skin has a different type, namely oily, dry, and normal. Of course in the treatment can not be equalized. Likewise with the use of a good night cream depending on the type of skin.

Well, for those of you who are looking for a good night cream for oily skin, here we recommend some brands of oily skin night cream for you.

If you routinely do treatment with a good night cream, there are actually several benefits that you can feel.

  • Able to hydrate skin while sleeping
  • Repair damaged facial skin
  • Able to brighten the skin
  • Helping to treat acne prone skin
  • Soothes irritated skin
  • Overcome skin that is starting to experience signs of aging

Before you look for a good night cream product for oily skin, you should pay attention to the following things, including:

  • Choose a night cream that has the right ingredients and is suitable for oily skin and even acne
  • The night cream has a light texture
  • Choose a night cream that suits your skin problem
  • The cream contains ingredients that are able to provide a function to moisturize the skin
  • Check testimonials for night cream products before buying

And the following are some good night cream brands that are recommended for those of you who have oily skin, including:

1. Mineral Botanica Face Acne Care Night Cream

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The formula presented by this night cream is specifically for oily facial skin, which is like brewed coffee, dealing with sleepiness. This will really help reduce excess oil and nourish facial skin. This is because the content in it contains Adansonia extract, antioxidants and vitamin C, which are able to repair dead skin cells.

2. Wardah Acnederm Night Treatment Moisturizer

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This product from the Wardah brand is also a recommendation for those of you who have oily skin, and are prone to acne. The formula of this product consists of Derna Treat Actives combined with 7 plant extracts. All of these ingredients are considered capable of dealing with excess oil and fading acne scars.

3. Avoskin Luminous Emulsion Night Cream

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This product is packaged in a transparent mint green jar. It looks beautiful and elegant when you see it. This product is also highly recommended for oily skin. The content of the night cream from this brand contains immortal essential oil.

This content is believed to be able to calm and kill bacteria that cause acne. Accompanied by the content of Et-VC which has a function to brighten dull skin. And most importantly, it contains avocado extract which functions to regenerate and hydrate the skin.

4. SAFI White Expert Replenishing Night Cream

The next product is a night cream from the Safi brand. This cream has a water base. In addition to feeling light on the skin when applied, it also absorbs quickly into the skin. Consists of quality ingredients such as Bio Hyaluronic, Black Seed and Oxywhite Technology. So it is useful to help you brighten the skin soothing fiber. Here is the content of vitamin B3 which has benefits for even skin tone.

5. The Face Shop Chia Seed No Shine Hydrating Cream

The last product that is also recommended for women who have oily skin. The formula contained in this night cream is able to moisturize. With a transparent gel will give a fresh impression when applied. This is because it contains organic chia seed and cotton extracts which will provide freshness to the skin.

How, are you interested in using a good night cream above? Don’t forget before buying a night cream for oily facial skin, pay attention to the tips on how to choose the products mentioned above so that the makeup results don’t disappoint or even become a very funny status for your friends on social media. And make sure that the product does not have a negative effect on the skin. Hope it is useful!

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