5 Hardest Programming Languages ​​That Make Your Head Auto Dizzy!

5 Hardest Programming Languages ​​That Make Your Head Auto Dizzy!

Hardest Programming Language – The role of computers in the digital era is indeed an indication that all human daily activities can be regulated through this one device. Everything is sophisticated and does not need to take time to solve all problems.

So do not be surprised if jobs that involve computers are so loved and needed in various sectors of work.

However, operating a computer is not just using it, you know. Maybe some people use computers only to operate Microsoft Office or just use some applications to edit videos and create digital images.

There are several people who have specializations in jobs that specifically understand programming languages ​​on computers, namely programmer.

5 Hardest Programming Languages ​​That Make Your Head Auto Dizzy!

When someone decides to be a programmerOf course, the basic skill that must be possessed is to understand the use of programming languages, right?

This is considered quite difficult to understand because programming languages ​​use special codes that require high accuracy. If the code entered by programmer wrong, most likely the system created on a computer will not function properly and is vulnerable to dangerous viruses, you know. Whoops!

Of the many programming languages, it turns out that there are some that are recognized by many programmer in understanding it has a high level of difficulty compared to other programming languages.

If you’re curious, let’s find out together about 5 programming languages ​​that can make your head spin!

1. Velato is among the most difficult programming languages

hardest programming language

For those of you who like tone and rhythm, it seems like you will like this one programming language even though it is difficult to understand.

In the preparation process, you don’t need a series of words, numbers, and symbols, but use a tone! Wow, you can listen to beautiful notes while learning the Velato programming language.

2. Piet using the names of artists

The program created by David Morgan is not like a programming language in general that uses special symbols or codes, but uses the names of world artists and uses various colors to compose a programming language command.

3. Intercal including the most difficult programming language but for entertainment?

Although difficult, but the creator of the programming language intercalnamely Don Woods and Jim Lyon indeed created it just for entertainment purposes only programmer. The thing that makes it difficult is the language intercal use the language of acronyms that cannot be too many or too few.

For example, when you enter the word “HELP”, if you enter the word help too much, programming intercal will refuse to process the command you made, and vice versa. So, this is what makes language intercal difficult to understand.

4. Cow who uses cow language. Whoops!

hardest programming language

Yep! You read correctly, there is a programming language called cow (cow). It may seem like a joke, but this programming language is one of the most difficult, you know. When you want to do settings a command, for example something like “Hello world!” then you have to use a string of words “Moo(following the sound of the cow)

So, you can compile a series of programming languages cow like this, “mOo Moo Moo o moO”.

5. Whitespace

Those of you who have tried programming languages ​​will understand if the use of spaces (space), line (line), and tabulation (tab) is often overlooked because it is only used to separate programming codes?

Well, when learning programming languages whitespace, in addition to the three characters mentioned above, the program will automatically ignore or even reject other characters. So, the use of spaces, lines and tabulations being the three main characters is accepted whitespace.

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