5 Important Facts Before the End of Drakor Ghost Doctor

5 Important Facts Before the End of Drakor Ghost Doctor
5 Important Facts Before the End of Drakor Ghost Doctor 2

Ghost Doctor is a fantasy medical drama about two very different doctors. These differences can be seen in terms of background, skills, to personality which ultimately combines body and soul.

Ghost Doctor, a highly popular Korean drama, is approaching its series finale. The drama has captured the hearts of its fans with its captivating plot and sweet love story, featuring two attractive lead actors. The series has consistently received high ratings in South Korea and will air its final episode on Viu next week.

Actor Rain plays a genius thoracic surgeon named Cha Young Min. While Kim Bum plays the silver spoon resident, Go Seung Tak.

Towards the last week of the screening of this favorite drama, it turns out that there are a number of important facts that happened in the lives of the main characters and the people around them that you need to know. Anything? Here are some of them:

1. Seung was never a ghost coma

The issue of Go Seung not being able to see ghosts is no longer a surprising thing. However, the audience just found out that he had been a coma ghost too. The story begins when little Seung Tak (Cho Yi An) falls into a lake and drowns.

His father tried to help by putting the life jacket he was wearing on Seung Tak’s body. The two then floated to the surface and were immediately rushed to the hospital.

Seung Tak was small at that time in a coma. Meanwhile, Seung Tak’s father’s life was not saved. At that time, little Seung Tak tried to touch his father’s body, but couldn’t.

He cried seeing his father lying stiff. At the same time, Seung Tak’s body is also in critical condition. This is where the ghost of Seung Tak meets the ghost of Tess (Sung Dong Il), who is about to go to the afterlife.

Tess chose not to go with the angels to the afterlife in order to save the life of little Seung Tak. He then possessed Ban Tae Sik (Park Chul Min) and managed to save Seung Tak.

2. Tess’ origins are revealed

Tess is a ghost who has lived in Eunsang Hospital for 20 years. However, it was only recently that his life was revealed. He used to be a cardiothoracic surgeon at the hospital.

Among her fellow doctors, Tess is known as a hard worker who always tries to help patients. Her daughter was upset that her father cared more about the patient than his own family. Until then he died of exhaustion from work.

During her lifetime, Tess became good friends with Tae Sik who now serves as one of the leaders at the hospital. Tess’ real name is Oh Joo Myung and her picture when she was a doctor hangs on the hospital wall.

After becoming a ghost, Tess often possessed doctors, including Cha Young Min (Rain) to help patients. He said that his job as a doctor made him not have the heart to leave patients without treatment.

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