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ipadguides.id – Accreditation is the determination of quality standards or assessment of an educational institution, including universities. Usually every 5 years the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education (BAN-PT) will accredit. The importance of checking accreditation before registering to find out the quality of the campus and study program.

In addition to universities, study programs are also required to carry out the accreditation process. So, don’t be surprised if you find the accreditation status of different university majors. For example, the University of Indonesia is accredited A, but the Department of Geology is still accredited B. Let’s look at some important reasons for checking accreditation.

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Reflection of Educational Institutions

Picture of the accreditation certificate (Photo: yukklik.id)

Accreditation is related to the process of assessing the quality of higher education and study programs. The importance of an accreditation check is to ensure that it is of quality. Only from the accreditation can we know that the quality is definitely good, because the government directly provides the assessment. For example, Telkom University which has been accredited A based on the assessment of BAN-PT.

Education Quality Standard

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The higher the accreditation level of a campus and study program, the higher the quality. If you choose a campus and study program that is accredited A, you will get a guaranteed learning environment and good and standard facilities.

Then, when they graduate, they will have superior competencies so they are better prepared to face competition in the world of work.

Requirements for Working in Government Institutions

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When discussing the world of work, what comes to mind is the quality of the campus and study program. Because, government institutions and companies make campus accreditation and study programs the main requirement. Minimum college and accredited study program B.

Through this accreditation, companies and institutions can assess the quality of education that you receive during your studies. Therefore, it would be better to check the accreditation of the campus and study program before registering for college.

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Requirements for Working in the Company

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You also really need accreditation if you want to work in private, state-owned, or multinational companies. Most of these companies set a minimum requirement for college accreditation and study program B. The goal is to maintain the quality of human resources in the company.

Ensuring the Competitiveness of Graduates

Illustration of campus alumni (Photo: unsplash.com)

Qualified universities and study programs accredited by BAN-PT offer global standard learning processes to their students. Even during college, you will find some international standard learning materials from qualified and experienced teachers.

How to Check Accreditation of Colleges and Study Programs

Image of BAN-PT page (Photo: 4.bp.blogspot.com)

Here’s how to check campus accreditation and study programs that you can do:

  • Go to the official BAN-PT website, namely www.banpt.or.id.
  • Then, click the Accreditation Data menu.
  • Select the Accreditation Data Search submenu and click it.
  • Next, information columns for college and study program accreditation will appear.
  • Then, write down the name of the college and study program you want.

5 Important Reasons to Check Campus Accreditation and Study Programs that Zone Friends Must Know

That’s a review of the importance of checking campus accreditation and study programs before applying. We will feel the benefits when we enter the world of work, where the company or agency will trust our quality as graduates from the campus.

Hopefully this review is useful for Friend Zone. Don’t forget to keep up to date with information about students and the world of lectures by activating the Student Zone website notification updates. See you later!

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