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ipadguides.id- Hello, Zone Friends! Wow, I don’t feel like time is passing by so fast, it’s necessary to meet all of you and don’t forget to bring useful tips for sure. Namely 5 scientific writing reference sites.

From the results of Mimin’s research, many students feel confused about where to look for scientific writing references. Now, because Mimin is kind and not arrogant and diligent in saving, Mimin will provide a reference for scientific writing sites. Let’s just read the following review!

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National Library E-resources

Illustration of National Library E-resources (Photo: Dkampus)

This site is an online national library that oversees all libraries in Indonesia. Although the national library is physically located on Jalan Salemba Raya No. 28 A, Special Capital Region of Jakarta. However, this service can be accessed anywhere and anytime.

E-resource is a service provided by the National library that provides various kinds of online books, such as journals, ebooks, and other reference works. To be able to access e-resources services, you must first register to become a member of the National Library.

Registration can be done online via: http://keEMBERan.perpusnas.go.id/Listpetunjuk.aspx after successfully registered as a member of the National Library, please Friend Zone access e-resources services via: http://e-resources.perpusnas.go.id/.


Ijern.com illustration (Photo: Memora.id)

Ijern (International Journal of Education and Research) is a site that is widely used as a reference for students in their task of finding journals. On this site you can also review research journals published by the Contemporary Research Center (CRC Publications).

This site is a platform for journal researchers, academics, professionals, practitioners, and students from various majors.


Lipi.go.id illustration (Photo: Teras.id)

Lipi or the Indonesian Institute of Sciences, is a non-ministerial government agency under the coordination of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education. Lipi himself gave such great dedication to Indonesian students.

This site is a collection of journals with various themes, such as the journal Chemistry and Physics. Even better, all the journals here can be downloaded for free.

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Google Scholar

Illustration of Google Scholar (Photo: Medium)

Google is the largest search engine in the world. Google Scholar itself is a free journal site that provides hundreds of thousands of references to scientific works and educational literature. There are theses, papers, and electronic books (e-books) that you can get for free.

With the existence of Google Scholar, it makes the preparation of scientific articles easier, how to use it is quite simple, like search engines in general.


Illustration Researchgate.net (Photo: Researchgate)

The last site is a gathering place for the online community of researchers. Here, researchers can upload journals or request journals from each other. To register for this site, you need to use the e-mail of the institution or campus.

Here you can freely ask questions or discuss to get answers to the research problems that are being carried out. However, there are some that can be downloaded for free and there are also some journals that cannot be opened to the public. Except with permission from the journal owner.

5 Important Sites for Scientific Writing References that Zone Friends Must Know

Friend Zone, those were some references to scientific papers, hopefully they will be useful. Mimin says goodbye to go home, don’t miss it.

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