5 Interesting Tourist Attractions in Jogja Near Malioboro

Traveling to Yogyakarta would not be complete if you haven’t visited Malioboro. However, if you don’t want to shop, you can visit other destinations in the vicinity. Take it easy, there are still several tourist attractions in Jogja that are close to Malioboro that don’t make you far from the city center.

You may have visited Jogja several times and visited Malioboro. If you want another atmosphere not far from Malioboro, don’t worry. This article will review some interesting tourist attractions in Jogja near Malioboro.

The name Malioboro is of course very well known both among domestic and foreign tourists. The road that stretches from Tugu Yogyakarta to the intersection of the Yogyakarta Post Office is very busy every day. Walking from end to end of this road is guaranteed not to make you bored.

There are so many sellers selling their wares, ranging from food to handicrafts typical of Jogja. In this place also gather the artists who often express their skills such as playing music, painting, mime, and so on.

Malioboro Street is never empty, even at night. However, if every trip to Jogja always stops at Malioboro, maybe you need a reference for another destination. The following are some tourist attractions in Jogja which are close to Malioboro.

1. Yogyakarta Smart Park

Source: Smart Park official website

Yogyakarta Smart Park

Jl. Panembahan Senopati No.1-3, Ngupasan, Gondomanan, Yogyakarta City
Special Region of Yogyakarta 55122


Tuesday–Sunday: 09.00–21.00 WIB
*) Mondays are closed unless it coincides with a national holiday

Adult: IDR 20,000/pax
Children: IDR 12,000/person
*) Ride ticket prices vary from IDR 3,000–IDR 35,000

The first destination we recommend is Taman Pintar Yogyakarta. As previously mentioned, this tourist spot is located very close to Malioboro, Jogja. If you are at the end of Jalan Malioboro, you will find the intersection of the zero kilometer point of Yogyakarta. Turn left and go forward a bit, you will find a Smart Park on the left side of the road.

At first, you may feel that this educational tourist spot is specifically for children. Don’t look away, this place full of knowledge is also beneficial for teenagers.

Smart Park is divided into several zones. The first zone is Playground, namely as a public space for children and families and can be accessed for free. Furthermore, there are West PAUD and East PAUD buildings which are devoted to pre-kindergarten to kindergarten age children.

For children from elementary school age to teenagers, there is the Oval Building and the Box Building which display science-based demonstrations that are packaged in a fun way. Other buildings include the Memorabilia Building which displays the history of Indonesia and the Planetarium.

In addition, there is one attraction for millennials to this place, namely the Upside Down Room. This space is a unique photo spot where you can seem to be fighting gravity by standing upside down. This spot is often used by young people for updates photos on social media.

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2. Yogyakarta Palace Tour

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Yogyakarta palace

Jalan Rotowijayan Blok No.1, Panembahan, Kraton, Yogyakarta City
Special Region of Yogyakarta


Saturday-Thursday: 08.00–14.00 WIB
Friday: 08.00-12.00 WIB

Domestic: IDR 7,500/person
Foreigners: IDR 15,000/person

The next tourist spot in Jogja which is very close to Malioboro is the Yogyakarta Palace. If you are at the intersection of kilometer zero in Yogyakarta, just go straight until you find a wide grass field. The square is the front yard of the palace and is often referred to as the north square of Jogja.

Yogyakarta Palace is opened to the public as a historical tour for local and foreign tourists. Although it is a historical building and an important place for the king, the palace is a cheap tourist spot in Jogja.

This place is indeed open to the public, but that doesn’t mean you can just go in and out. Keraton Jogja is open every day from 08.00-12.00 WIB except Friday, which is only until 12.00 WIB. On certain days, the palace may not be opened to the public because it is used for royal purposes.

By visiting this place, you will be amazed by the history and culture of Java, especially Jogja. Not only the palace, you can walk around the palace because there are many other historical places. One of them is the Keraton Train Museum which is across the road to the left of the palace.

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3. Gudeg Wijilan Typical Food Center

Source: Instagram – bansmarwanto

Gudeg Wijilan Typical Food Center

Jl. Wijilan, Panembahan, Kraton, Yogyakarta City
Special Region of Yogyakarta 55131

Daily: 24 hours

*) The price of gudeg varies

After the Smart Park, then continue to the Yogyakarta Palace, you may feel tired. The stomach also gives a signal to fill it up immediately, especially if it’s mid-afternoon.

In such a situation, you need to fill your stomach with food. While in this special city, it’s time for a culinary tour because around Malioboro there are indeed a lot of unique and interesting culinary delights. There is one typical food center of Jogja near the palace area, namely the typical food center of Gudeg Wijilan.

First of all, do you know what gudeg is? Gudeg is a traditional Yogyakarta food made from young jackfruit which is boiled and cooked with coconut milk. The manufacturing process takes hours.

Gudeg has a savory and sweet taste. Usually served with white rice, shredded chicken, boiled eggs, tofu, and tempeh. Don’t miss the krecek fried chili sauce made from rambak or beef skin as a complement.

Well, one of the original gudeg of Jogja is the gudeg that comes from Wijilan Village. It is located not far from the northern square area or the palace. Move around the square and find the path that leads east.

If you have found an ancient building in the form of a white gate, it means you have arrived. The gate is dubbed Plengkung Wijilan and nearby is a sign that reads “Welcome to the Gudeg Special Food Center”. After entering the gate, you will find lots of gudeg sellers along the road.

4. Taman Sari Yogyakarta

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Taman Sari Tourism Complex

Jl. Tamanan, Patehan, Kraton, Yogyakarta City
Special Region of Yogyakarta 55133

Every day at 09.00-18.00 WIB

Domestic: IDR 5,000/person
Foreigners: IDR 15,000/person
Camera fee: IDR 3000/camera

After eating gudeg, you want to continue traveling, right? There is another interesting tourist spot in Jogja near Malioboro, namely Taman Sari.

The location of Taman Sari is about 2 km from Wijilan. You only need about seven minutes if you ride a vehicle. From Wijilan, return to the north square, then take the direction towards the south square.

Taman Sari is a complex and park formerly known as The Fragrant Garden and was built during the time of Sultan Hamengku Buwono I. This complex was also a bathing place for the empress and the king’s daughters. Now, this park has become a cultural heritage as well as a tourism destination for both local and foreign tourists.

This place has some beautiful buildings that are a blend of various cultures in the world. If you visit here, you will be spoiled with beautiful ponds, artificial lakes, suspension bridges, underground passages, and several other buildings. So not infrequently Taman Sari is used as a spot to take pictures, starting from pre-weddingfilming a film, as well as regular selfies.

If you go to this place, always remember not to spoil its beauty. The reason is that many of the doodles on the walls were probably done by irresponsible young people. We should take good care of this building because it is a cultural heritage.

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5. South Square

Source: Instagram – weednesdate

South Square

Jl. South Square, Patehan, Kraton, Yogyakarta City
Special Region of Yogyakarta 55133

Daily: 24 hours


Taking pictures at Taman Sari is indeed very fitting in the afternoon. When night falls, walk south until you find alun-alun kidul or alun-alun south. Local people used to call it by the abbreviation alkyd.

Unlike the northern square, alkyd tends to be smaller. However, alkyd is more crowded with people than the northern square at night. If you are looking for a Jogja tourist spot near Malioboro at night, alkyd might be a fun destination.

There are lots of street vendors selling various culinary delights from snacks to heavy meals here. You can hang out with friends at angkringan that sells coffee and various other wedang. How comfortable it is to enjoy the night atmosphere in the city of Jogja while drinking coffee relax and hang out with friends.

One more thing that attracts people who visit here is the myth of the twin banyan trees in the middle of the square. It is said that anyone who manages to walk between the two banyans with his eyes closed, then his wish will come true. Therefore, many people who then try to walk past it.

Back to Jogja, Back to Malioboro

Those are the five tourist attractions in Jogja near Malioboro that are interesting and you need to visit. Hopefully it can help you in choosing a tourist destination that is affordable and still exciting.

Malioboro is indeed one of the tourist attractions in Jogja that must be visited. Despite coming here many times, the feeling of wanting to visit it again remains. Maybe because Jogja has a magical power that can make memories of the city stick in the heart.

Come back to Jogja to reminisce and trace the memories that have been engraved in this city. Don’t forget to stop by Malioboro again. There are still many tourist attractions in Jogja near Malioboro that you may have never visited.

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