5 Investments in Education Digitization for Your Best Quality School!

5 Investments in Education Digitization for Your Best Quality School!

Investment in Education Digitization – Competition in school quality is no longer limited to the quality of teachers and alumni, but also depends on the facilities they have. One of them is through digitizing education to be completely online.

There are many conveniences that can be obtained through investment in the digitalization of education, such as easy access to educational services, studying anywhere, to integrated academic files.

Now, because the online feature is familiar to parents and prospective students, it’s time for your school to prepare the 5 educational digitization investments below.

1. The most important investment in digitizing education is an adequate website

Assessment of your school’s digital footprint starts from the main website which is adequate. This website is the ‘first post’ for parents and prospective students to see the quality of your school.

5 Investments in Education Digitization for Your Best Quality School!

Many schools just enter data without paying attention to the aesthetics and functionality of the website. If you notice, high-quality schools have neat websites and interactive sites. In fact, some offer room trials or lessons!

Well, still think your website will not be seen by prospective students? Try re-evaluating.

2. The online PPDB system is also a form of investment in the digitalization of education to facilitate registration

If they’re interested, the next step would be to sign up, right?

It would be inconvenient if they had to print files, which were mostly digital or other files and go to school to queue up for registration.

Of course this is very outdated, especially with the online PPDB system. With this system, all registrations can be done directly from home. Only requires a PC/laptop and internet connection!

Forget the piles of files in the teacher’s room or registration. This is why online PPDB is an efficient education digitization investment!

3. Online exam? Why not!

online school challenges during a pandemic
5 Investments in Education Digitization for Your Best Quality School! 7

Not only school exams, but your school entrance exams can be done online!

Participants simply enter their exam number and the exam can start any time they are ready.

This way, you don’t have to worry about supervising the exam. Everyone can do the test at home without the need to go anywhere!

Take a peek at Jagoan Hosting’s online exam service here.

4. Academic file system such as certificates and certificates

For students, all would agree that school administration is quite troublesome and time-consuming. This is not your fault, as physical files require more time and precision than digital files. Misprint, you will have to redo it.

This is why your next education digitization investment can focus on digitizing academic archives.

Requests for certificates or passing certifications are enough to do in the application. Then the Administration can fill in the format provided and send it back via e-mail to the recipient.

You don’t have to print, they don’t have to wait!

The most important investment in digitizing education is definitely a digital learning space. Students can download lessons, upload assignments, and get report cards digitally!

The teacher is also very easy. No more missing assignments from students or carrying lots of books to school. It is enough to ask them to access the material from the digital study room.

If the teacher is unable to enter, permanent assignments are easily conveyed through announcements in the digital study room. It’s easy, isn’t it?

Those are 5 education digitization investments that you must have in your school. The quality of your school depends on how effective learning can be and makes it easier for both the school and the students.

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