5 Male Kpop Idols Who Are Also Successful As Soloists

In the Kpop music industry, idol groups are often underestimated by some people. They are only considered capable of being famous if they are active with the group they are in.

Unfortunately, this does not apply to the following idol groups. Even their careers as soloists are more brilliant than their respective groups. Who are they? The following is a list of male kpop idols who have also succeeded as soloists.

Successful Male Kpop Idols Become Soloists

1. SHINee’s Taemin

SHINee's Taemin
SHINee’s Taemin | soompi

Even though they come from a group that is shaded by a big agency, it doesn’t mean that SHINee has the same amount of popularity as Super Junior or Girls’ Generation. Perhaps, people know Jonghyun better because he is the lead vocal of the group that debuted in 2008.

Taemin who became the maknae of the SHINee group managed to become a member who has a fairly successful solo career. He even became the first SHINee member to debut as a soloist 6 years after his debut.


a soloist, Taemin has a different musical color compared to SHINee. He often carries instrumental elements in his work. Not only that, the choreography that he displays can be said to be quite bold with a variety of slightly sensual choreography.

2. BIGBANG’s G-Dragon

G Dragon
G-Dragon | soompi

Although BIGBANG has become one of the big icons of Kpop, the popularity of leader G-Dragon as a soloist cannot be underestimated either. His solo debut album (Heartbreaker) was named Best-Selling Album in 2019 after being released for 10 years.

Not only his musical career, G-Dragon has also become an influential figure who has inspired several K-pop idols. His name even entered into Forbes magazine as an influential person under the age of 30 years.

id="h-3-jay-park">3. Jay Park

Jay Park
Jay Park | soompi

You could say, Jay Park became the first American man to successfully debut as a member of a K-pop group. Before being known as a soloist, he was the leader of a group under JYP Entertainment (2PM).

Jay Park left after being hit by various racial issues that were not true and managed to build his career from scratch. Jay leads his own agency called AOMG and was one of the judges on an issue of Asian’s Got Talent.

4. Suga BTS

class="wp-block-image size-large">Suga (August D)
Suga (August D) | soompi

Compared to the other six BTS members, you could say Suga is one of the members who has a high musical spirit. Before becoming a member of BTS, he joined the rap unit Underground D Town from his hometown (Daegu).

Suga also has several mixtapes that he released using his other alter ego (Agust D). He did all the songs himself, from the lyrics, to the music, to mastering. Most of his songs have also won various awards.

5. Baekhyun EXO

Baekhyun EXO
Baekhyun EXO | soompi

Just like G-Dragon & BIGBANG, Baekhyun & EXO both have the same amount of popularity. Although he is not the first member to make his solo debut, Baekhyun is the second member to be quite active as a soloist with Lay in China.

During his two-year career as a soloist, Baekhyun has at least released various singles and three mini albums that have often topped the charts in Korea. Not only that, Baekhyun is often called to be the main soundtrack of various Drama projects.


Those were 5 male kpop idols who managed to be successful as soloists. Are your idols on the list above? comment below yes.

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