5 More Profitable Reasons to Be an Apple Developer!

5 More Profitable Reasons to Be an Apple Developer!

Are you a beginner developer who wants to start a career in the application sector? Welcome! Of course, there are lots of opportunities that you can get by creating applications. Well, the first problem that often arises is which one is more profitable? So Apple or Android developer?

Not just to add money, friend! Developing applications can help you to realize a solution to a problem that concerns you. For example, such as online education applications or distance health. Who knows, you might make the next hit app!

Factors to choose an Apple or Android developer

In fact, making an application is not as easy as making it and just leaving it alone. There are several factors you should consider when choosing a platform for developing apps:

  1. How many Apple or Android users?
  2. App development timeline
  3. Features that can besupport
  4. Your goal of developing the app
  5. Budget, of course!

If you choose to become an Apple developer, then you need to know the 5 considerations above, friend. This time, Jagoan Hosting will give you 5 reasons why being an Apple developer will be profitable!

5 More Profitable Reasons to Be an Apple Developer!

If you look at it, there are more Android users, but…

In fact, Apple users tend to prefer buying apps over free ones! Automatic, of course, affects money, right?

If you compare it, there will be more Android users, but maybe only 1-2% will pay for your application.

Meanwhile, Apple users are more likely to buy services in the application that you offer.

Especially if it is supported by a beautiful and anti-slow website display. Users will trust developers who have a neat and systematic website rather than just relying on social media! Make sure you use the best cloud hosting from Jagoan Hosting to ensure excellent website performance, OK!

Shhh… Apple users tend to be at the top!

apple developer
5 More Profitable Reasons to Be an Apple Developer! 7

Apparently, Apple users’ willingness to pay for applications is not just because they have money, you know! But also have a good level of education.

Apple users tend to be in the upper classes such as professionals or managerial jobs. This means, you can target applications for companies or companies influencerbro!

Just take a look at the Clubhouse app. Designed by Apple developers specifically for iOS, it was immediately crowded with celebrities.

Can you imagine how your application will go viral later?

Although paid, it turns out that Apple developers are more efficient!

This is because the programming language used on iOS is Swift which is easier than Java on Android.

Moreover, iOS is exclusively owned by Apple devices. You don’t need to be confused about setting up features for certain smartphones and afraid that they won’t work on other smartphones!

No kidding, Apple developers can cut time 30-40% faster than Android! This of course affects your budget and timeline, friend!

No need to worry about bugs for older OS

50% of Android users are using an OS older than 2 years ago. This is because Android-based smartphones are very slow to update.

Unlike iOS, which guarantees an update every year, it even supports the latest Apple devices for the next 4-5 years. Of course managing applications on the latest OS will be easier and more economical than having to deal with bugs just because of the old OS!

Eit, not only about the advantages of the OS wrote. If you want to be an Apple developer, make sure your application runs smoothly with the best servers! VPS X from Jagoan Hosting will ensure the use of reliable applications seamless and of course help you retain your app users!

Those are 5 reasons to become an Apple developer as the first step in starting your application journey. Don’t forget to never give up because your journey will be long! Let’s start making your first application now!

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