5 Most Efficient, Tough and Comfortable Matic Motors

5 Most Efficient, Tough and Comfortable Matic Motors

Many riders are currently looking for a motorbike based on the most economical and comfortable category to ride. One of the opinions on many discussion platforms about the most efficient automatic motorbike says that, usually, old motorbikes will always be more economical and comfortable than modern motorbikes.

But is it true? Motorcycle manufacturers always pay attention to many aspects when designing their products. One of which is trend to increase handling and the ability to carry riders who are larger and heavier than the average rider.

Motorcycle Sales Data in Indonesia

Given that Indonesia is the first market in the world for all Japanese motorcycle manufacturers, the market crash due to the pandemic that hit the world until 2021 has a severe impact on global revenue, sales and profits for Jap Big4. Here is the table:

Brand % Falls Details
Honda 41.2 -2 Million Sales
Yamaha 54.2 -4.4 Million Sales
Kawasaki -34.9 -720K Sales
Suzuki -44.7 -320K Sales

List of 5 Most Efficient, Tough and Comfortable Matic Motors

Along with the many models and types of motorcycles in the Indonesian automotive market, automatic motorcycles are the most widely used and chosen vehicle by the Indonesian people to support their daily activities.

Here are five recommendations for the most fuel efficient automatic motorbikes and can be a vehicle of choice at any time, including:

1. Honda Vario 150 Esp

the most efficient automatic motorbike

Because of its fuel economy, this motorbike is the most superior in its class and is much sought after by the public. In addition, this vehicle is also equipped with a liquid cooling system that can help the engine in saving fuel.

This motorbike is also equipped with Idling Stop System (ISS) which functions to turn on and off the engine directly which can function in just seconds.

2. Honda Vario 110 Esp

Honda is known as one of the automotive manufacturers that produces economical automatic motorcycles with the best quality. By using the Honda Vario 110 Esp, your journey will certainly be easier.

Moreover, this motorbike has been equipped with AC and ESP technology which makes this motorbike capable of covering a distance of up to 62 km with just one liter of fuel.

3. Honda Scoopy Esp

Honda Scoopy

You can choose an automatic motorcycle with a retro design to support your daily activities. Besides being able to reduce the energy wastage in most motorized vehicles, with this bike you can optimize performance as best you can.

With PGM-FI and CBS technology, Scoopy Esp has also been equipped with ISS technology which functions to reduce wasted gas emissions and fuel consumption when the motor is in a state of emergency. idle.

4. Honda Beat Esp

Motor Beat is one of the most economical automatic motorcycles in the 110-115 cc class. In addition, this motorcycle made by Honda is also equipped with Esp technology combined with an injection combustion system (PGM-FI) which makes the vehicle’s engine more powerful.

5. Yamaha Mio M3 125 Blue Core

One of the motorcycles made by Yamaha is known to be able to make it easier for riders to be able to control fuel consumption. In addition, this automatic motorbike also offers a modern and comfortable design stylish so it is suitable to be used to support your daily activities.

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Motorcycles have become an increasingly popular and reliable medium of transportation even since the World War era because of their efficiency and ability to traverse rough terrain and narrow roads.

In addition to the most economical and tough automatic motorbike, you also have to ensure the comfort factor before deciding to buy your dream automatic motorbike. I hope this information helps, thank you.

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