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ipadguides.id- Hello, Zone Friends! Mimin is back with interesting information about the 5 most expensive college majors in Indonesia. Wow, about what? Instead of being curious, let’s just read Mimin’s review below!

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Illustration of the Department of Medicine (Photo: Theconversation)

Medical college majors do require a lot of money, which is tens to hundreds of millions of rupiah. One of the reasons for the high cost of majoring in medicine is because the learning tools used are so expensive.

For example, for a surgical practicum, medical students need to use cadaver (corpse) which is quite expensive, reaching millions of rupiah. There are many other tools needed, such as syringes, surgical scissors, and others. Therefore, it is not surprising that Medicine is considered the most expensive major.


Illustration of aviation department (Photo: Flight Info)

Aviation, this major does require quite a lot of money, if you aspire to become a pilot, try to prepare from now on starting from costs to mental readiness.

This high cost is commensurate with the facilities obtained. During education, students (cadets) will carry out practical work, in the form of flight simulations. Even though it’s expensive, it’s still a lot of people. The reason is because the career prospects in this department are indeed very promising in the future.


Illustration of broadcasting department (Photo: Idntimes)

The Broadcasting department is indeed a college major that is quite draining. This department does spend a lot of money which is used for practicum and editing during the lecture process. Each student must at least have personal equipment such as a camera, microphone, tripod, and a computer with very supportive speakers.

Not to mention other equipment and tuition fees such as credits, semester fees, practicum fees, building fees and others. However, after graduating, you also have the opportunity to start a career in broadcasting companies (Broadcasting) with a large salary.

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Fashion Design Visual Communication

Illustration of visual communication design (Photo: Medium)

The Department of Visual Communication Design, which is one of the majors related to art, turns out to require high costs in the study process. Actually, the entrance fee for this course and the money you need to pay per semester is not too expensive. However, it is other costs that make the cost of studying in the Visual Communication Design department more and more.

Buddy Zone needs reserve funds and emergency funds in order to survive in this department. In addition, there will be a high demand for drawing paper, sketchbooks, painting tools, dyes, and other supporting tools.


Illustration majoring in architecture (Photo: Kumparan)

Beautiful buildings must have been created from the hands of reliable architecture, so to become an architect, there must be many obstacles that you must face. In addition, do not forget the tuition fees are also quite high.

Many think that the Department of Architecture is a prestigious major because the tuition fees are quite expensive. Because, during lecture activities, there are practicum activities and assignments from lecturers that require a lot of money.

5 Most Expensive College Courses in Indonesia, Is There a Sobat Zone Department?

Friend Zone, that was the 5 most expensive college majors in Indonesia, hopefully it will be useful for all of you. Mimin says goodbye first, don’t miss it!

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