5 Natural Pregnancy Tests, Can Use Sugar and Salt Bun

Jakarta – A positive pregnancy test result is the first step in becoming a mother. When you feel signs of pregnancy, getting tested is a way to know for sure whether you are pregnant or not.

After confirming pregnancy through testing, of course you can decide what steps to take next. Check out the explanation about pregnancy tests and the various ways, come on, Mother.

When to take a pregnancy test?

You should wait to take a pregnancy test until the first day of your missed period. Why yes, Mother? Well, that’s because human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) or commonly known as the pregnancy hormone only exists after the implantation of the egg has occurred. Often times, there aren’t enough hormones to detect until you miss your period.

“The pregnancy test picks up the hormones that are released after implantation. This usually happens about two weeks after the sperm meets the egg,” says Dr. Kelly Culwell, MD, a medical officer who previously worked for the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland. Forbes.

How do pregnancy tests work?

The pregnancy test detected HCG, Mom. This hormone is produced from the placenta, which is the organ that connects the fetus to the mother. Well, it begins to form and protect the egg after it has implanted along the uterine wall, which is a sign that pregnancy has begun. Initially, HCG levels are low, but increase in early pregnancy before decreasing.

When HCG levels rise, usually doubling every three days until they peak in the first 8 – 11 weeks of pregnancy, they can be detected by blood tests and urine tests.

Your HCG level must reach 25 milli international units (MIU) per millimeter (ML) to show a positive result, Mom. This usually occurs 3-5 weeks after your last menstrual cycle.

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Pregnancy test with urine using test pack detect these HCG levels, Mother. If the result is positive, it is usually indicated by the appearance of two lines or indicating the words ‘pregnant’, this depends on the type testpack that is used yes, Mother.

“Most home pregnancy tests (urine) detect HCG levels of 20 (MIU) or greater,” says Dr. Culwell.

“The blood test detects levels of HCG 2 (MIU) or greater, so a blood test may be positive before a urine test.” Forbes.

Mother, the urine test will show a positive result at around 20 to 25 MIU, it depends on the urine concentration. The less urine is diluted, the higher the HCG concentration. So Moms, a pregnancy test taken in the morning is more likely to come back positive because the urine is more concentrated.

Do you know Mother? It turns out that pregnancy tests can not only be done through blood or urine, you know. Mothers can also do it in several natural ways that are easy to find at home.

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