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This is not criticism. I love this film, also a fan of 5cm from the first time the novel was published. Just wanted to share a little about the 5cm film climb in Mahameru — which I think there are some things in this film that are a little odd. Yes, it’s just a movie, I know that 🙂

WHO dares to deny the natural beauty of Mahameru?

The 5 cm film – which exposes the beauty of Mount Semeru – will indirectly make some people’s blood boil to taste the highest land on the island of Java.

However, not everyone understands that climbing a ‘real’ mountain like Semeru is relatively difficult and not as easy as ‘nature tourism’ like Mount Bromo which only needs to climb a jeep and stairs to get to the top.

In fact, even calling it a ‘tourist’ place we need to think long. No, no. I will not criticize this film, even I like it because 5cm is one of my favorite novels. Here’s the point you should consider before reaching Semeru.

1. Wearing jeans

Jeans, if exposed to water, will become very heavy. It also takes a long time to dry. Not to mention that when packing, it will be inefficient because it is too big.

Climbing the mountains of Indonesia which incidentally is a tropical rain forest, of course, will always meet with humid and rainy weather. Wet clothes that don’t dry quickly can make it difficult to move, cause chills to hypothermia, and will increase the weight of the climber.

Towards Mahameru

Instead, use pants made of materials such as polyester. Besides being lightweight, the material also dries quickly if it gets wet. Better yet, use materials that can be waterproof but still breathablealthough perhaps at a fairly high price.

In my opinion, 5cm film wants to still look ‘fashionable’ so that the use of jeans is more desirable. Ah, but super cool adventure films like vertical limit or 127 hours still use complete and standard equipment. Eh but he said this is a film about friendship, right? Soap operas?

2. Not bringing enough water

It’s a pretty weird scene. Crazy to be exact. When they arrived at Kalimati, the 5cm climbers even asked other climbers for water. A pint and a half of water for the six of them, and they went straight up to the Arcopodo!

In fact, the last source of water is stated in that sentence. I myself when I climbed to the top brought two liters of water for each person.

Oh, the porter forgot to shoot maybe, hehe.

3. Backpack/carrier that looks very light

I was grinning at the scene at the station this Monday. each of them showed up with his or her backpack which looked deflated. Her bag clapper still looks like the mattress roll is empty.

And, what made me laugh was the scene of Ian running after the train with a big carrier and a box of Indomie! That’s great bro!

4. Too pushy for novice climbers

Inside the tent there is Dinda calling out

In this 5cm movie ascent, Genta is a very reckless climbing leader and takes too big a risk.

By bringing his friends who were going up the mountain for the first time, he immediately took the road to Kalimati, without resting first at Ranu Kumbolo.

Indeed, from Ranupane (initial basecamp) to Ranu Kumbolo, it took only 4 hours, and from Ranukumbolo to Kalimati. But, at night they will take the journey to the top. As intense as it may be, traveling by foot for more than six hours uphill in one day is torture, at least in my opinion.

5. Inaccurate information

“If it’s raining ash like this, can we go to the top, sir?” asked Riani to one of the climbers in Kalimati.

“Oh, okay. This is normal. But at 9 o’clock you have to come back, yes, “said the climber.

Reportedly, after noon comes, the poisonous wedhus gembel cloud will lead to the Mahameru peak area following the direction of the wind. This is not completely wrong. However, after my conversation with Mr. Sinambela, a national park official, the wind can change at any time regardless of time. I myself experienced it in the middle of the journey when climbing to the top at three in the morning. The smell of sulfur was strong and the clouds from the crater could be seen almost above us. After waiting for an hour, the new wind direction changed again.

One more thing, the peak of Mahameru is actually closed for climbing. It is clearly written in the regulations of the Semeru National Park that climbing is only allowed to sentence. More than that, the national park is not responsible. We are even asked to sign a letter of agreement on a stamp that will always obey the rules. In high season, there are rangers who keep climbers from going to the top. Apart from that, only our awareness and discipline will determine.

6. [Tambahan dari komentar] Swim at Ranu Kumbolo

It is clearly written in the climbing regulations, and also the prohibition board there. NO SWIMMING IN RANU KUMBOLO.

There has been an incident of people drowning in this Ranu Kumbolo. Anyway, safety is the main thing. You don’t have to feel like you’re a hero in the mountains, or anywhere else.


Climb of love

Many pros and cons that arise after the emergence of this 5cm film. It is also impossible to stem the desire of the people who will ascend to semeru. It’s also impossible for them to go up, this mountain belongs to all of us.

In my opinion, climbing safety standards checks in national parks should be tightened to prevent these “5cm climbers” from climbing if their equipment standards are not adequate. Although this is very difficult in practice.

Well, it’s our job as people who understand better. Climbers, mapalas, climbing clubs, or anyone else to give directions about climbing the right and wrong way. Whether it’s writing on social media, making training, or just sharing at a coffee shop. Whatever it is, the important thing is to share the correct climbing sciences so that Semeru or other mountains will be more awake.

Always remember and practice these three nature-loving spirits:

  1. Leave nothing but traces
  2. Don’t take anything but pictures/photos
  3. Don’t kill anything but time


#important photo

**Anyway, this film is enough to make me a little nostalgic with friends while climbing to semeru. We watched together and laughed a lot at the miraculous things that happened in this 5cm film climb. This film is good, but not that great. And what is clear is much better than other Indonesian films that only sell thighs and breasts like in fast food restaurants.

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