5 Online Games for Zoom Meetings That Can Be Played Together

Online Games for Zoom – Work from Home (WFH) has become a new habit that requires workers to adapt in completing their tasks independently on line. Indeed, at first you feel happy because you don’t have to bother getting up early just to get to the office on time.

However, over time, boredom begins to appear because directly, you do office tasks alone and only rely on laptop and internet connection only when you want to communicate with superiors and coworkers, especially when online meeting.

The lack of communication because they cannot meet face to face with other people is one of the big triggers for workers to feel bored. Therefore, so that WFH runs smoothly without feeling bored, you need refreshing by playing games online for zoom which is fun to play even when meetingyou know!

What’s this games online zoom that you can try? Contact with 5 fun games for zoom here, come on!

1. Monopoly

Who is not familiar with the game Monopoly? Games which requires the players to make various kinds of transactions in the form of property, such as selling, buying to renting, this one game will not be bored to be played continuously!


for example, Monopoly is played together with family members, there’s nothing wrong with playing this game with your boss and co-workers! Guaranteed, after brainstorm moment meeting, your mind becomes relaxed again. Interested in trying online games for the following zoom?

2. Pictionary

Even though Pictionary’s zoom game is very simple, it only relies on whiteboard and guessing pictures made by someone, but Pictionary provides its own fun because players are free to guess pictures based on limited clues. Can you imagine how cool it is to play this zoom game, right?

id="3-articulate">3. Articulate

Almost the same as Pictionary, only on online games for zoom named Articulate you are allowed to use one word to draw something without saying what picture you made.

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id="4-the-classic-quiz">4. The Classic Quiz

Who doesn’t like taking quizzes on the internet? Well, you can really take advantage of this to share fun with colleagues. The following online zoom game is called The Classic Quiz.

You can create a variety of interesting questions, such as “Take this Quiz and Know Your Real Personality! Or “Answer 5 Questions in this Quiz and Your Biggest Secret Will Be Revealed!”. Of course it would be very fun to do.

5. Battleships

In a zoom game called Battleship, you and other players will be presented with a variety of boxes that you can shoot or shoot at. Your task is simple, which is not to select the same box more than once.

Therefore, you must be smart to understand the location of the enemy to the box that you will choose later.


Turns out, doing online meeting via Zoom is not always boring, right? If, for example, you have an opinion about one of the online zoom games above, that’s great share your experience by writing a review on website personal.

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