5 Picked Tours You Can Try When Homecoming Lebaran to Batu City

5 Picked Tours You Can Try When Homecoming Lebaran to Batu City

Eid holidays will not be complete if a visit to Batu City only enjoys artificial tourism. You also need to try a number of picking tours. Batu City currently has a variety of picking tours spread across several villages. Namely picking apples, strawberries, guava crystals, and picking roses.

For those of you who like to pick fruit, there’s nothing wrong with trying 5 Picking Tours During Lebaran Homecoming to Batu City. Curious about anything? Here are the five picking tours!

1. Apple Picking Tour

For tourists who come to Batu City, what is definitely being targeted is apples. Because the icon of Batu City is an apple. If you want to buy apples and pick them directly in the garden, it is better for tourists to come to Bumiaji District. In Bumiaji Sub-district, there is Bebe Raos which offers special apple picking tours.

For one time, the tariff is only 20 thousand. Not only that, you are also free to eat as much apples as you like on the apple picking tour. Well, for those of you who like to eat apples, you can try this apple picking tour in Batu City.

2. Strawberry Picking Tour

Strawberry picking tour

In addition to apple picking tours, you can also visit strawberry picking tours. The only strawberry picking tour in Batu City that is a reference from various regions is in Pandanrejo Hamlet, Pandanrejo Village, Bumiaji District. Tourists who want to enjoy strawberry picking tours just come and contact the manager of BUMDes Raharjo, Pandanrejo Village.

Rates are set for visitors, in the range of 25 thousand per person and includes bringing strawberries home to enjoy at home. For those of you who want to eat it can also really. You can eat as much strawberry fruit as you like at this tourist spot.

3. Crystal Guava Picking Tour

Crystal guava picking tourism in Bumiaji Village, Bumiaji District, is an attractive alternative agro tourism for out-of-town tourists. When the holidays arrive, many tourists come to this place to enjoy picking guava. To enter the crystal guava picking tour, it is now priced at 15 thousand. Visitors are free to pick and eat as much as they want. But to be able to bring home the crystal guava fruit you pick you have to pay 15 thousand for one kilo.

So, if you really want to eat crystal guava fruit, eat as much as you want while at this picking tourist location before finally deciding to take it home which requires you to pay for it.

4. Rose Flower Picking Tour

rose flower picking tour

If you want to take a rose-picking tour, you can visit a rose-picking tour in Batu City. You can come to Gunungsari Village, Bumiaji District. There are many beds of colorful roses. The flower picking tour is priced at around 20 thousand to 25 thousand for an entrance ticket. Besides that, you can take selfies and can pick your own.

The rose flower tour is also very suitable for those of you who want to spend vacation time with your beloved lover.

5. Paprika Picking Tour

This paprika picking tourist destination can be found in Tunggangan Hamlet RT 6 RW 5, Sumberbrantas Village, Bumiaji District. The tourist destination is located close to the Cangar hot spring tour. The area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis tour is 1,500 square meters and is covered with a green house. Visitors only need to buy an entrance ticket for 15 thousand per person.

Those are 5 picking tours that you can try when going home for Eid to Batu City. May be useful!

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