5 Popular Book Cover Applications

5 Popular Book Cover Applications

Many people find it difficult when they want to make a book cover, even though sometimes they get tired when ordering because they don’t fit. Don’t be sad now many applications make reliable book covers.

Book cover is one of the most important things for someone who wants to buy a book. Because when you see an interesting book for the first time, people will be tempted to have it. That’s why creating an attractive cover is so important.

The 5 Most Popular Book Cover Applications

By using various book cover applications that are easy to use for people who are unfamiliar with designs. Then the writers will find it easier to get the cover of the book according to their wishes. Some of these reliable applications are:


Canva is one of those apps that you can rely on for free, because it has a user-friendly design. So that even people who don’t have design skills can make cool book cover designs.

Because this application offers a wide selection of cover templates and stock photos that can be used without paying or paying. And all actions are just one click so kids can use it easily too.

After finding the template you like, all you have to do is set the cover with the fonts, images and other assets you want. Even by choosing a paid feature, you can get a unique and aesthetic design.


This application offers templates for making book covers that are quite attractive and can be adjusted to the tastes of the maker. What’s more, the advantage of this PosterMyWall application is that it is directly connected to Getty Images, Flickr, and Pixabay.

Thus, there will be more choices of images that can be used. Examples are such as pictures of fruits, sunsets, and aesthetic buildings using just one click.

Then you can also easily see the terms or conditions for the use of images. So you can immediately know if the image has a limit. Unfortunately, the free version of the image that can be downloaded has a small resolution.

But if you use the paid version for 2 to 5 US dollars, you will get high-resolution images. So the results will be very high quality and clear so that when printed the results will be very good.

Affinity Photo

If you don’t have a Photoshop application to create a cover design, then the solution is to use an Affinity Photo book cover application. Which has almost all of the features of Photoshop.

So for those who are smart and have good photoshop skills, they can apply it to Affinity Photo easily. Unfortunately this application is a bit difficult to learn for beginners who are not familiar with Photoshop.

In addition, it also does not allow for smart objects so that users who want to make 3D mockups of books can be very difficult. Because users have to create 3D images themselves, so it is quite complicated and time consuming. However, this application is quite cheap when used for a long time.

Blurb BookWright

Then the fourth is the BookWright Blurb application which is also easy to use so that it helps everyone to publish books, photos, magazines, and special novels in print or e-book format. Even cooler, this app can also include a free ISBN number.

Authors will find it easier to design and publish printed books and e-books from the same file. So the benefits of this free application are enormous because it is able to provide users with value and design flexibility.

It also offers plugins for Adobe Lightroom, Adobe InDesign, and apps for iPhone and iPad. This plugin also allows users to access and edit blank book cover templates on various programs and devices.

What users really like about this app is that it’s free and intuitive to use. Then it can also be seamlessly connected to Amazon distributions. So that in no time, you can even create a printed book or e-book and sell it on Amazon.

Shutterstock Editor

Then the application to make the next book cover that is no less sophisticated is Shutterstock Editor. Which is a layout application for a wide variety of uses, allowing users to create professional-looking content for printed books and online books.

The Shutterstock Editor itself is also great for budding book cover designers or writers who might want to self-publish. This includes online novel writers who usually have to provide their own covers.

The app also allows users to select millions of images from the Shutterstock library. Then adjust the typography and colors used to make the book cover very unique and aesthetic.

In addition, the Shutterstock Editor app offers built-in templates for creating a wide variety of media, including e-book covers. In addition, compared to other applications, the advantage is that it is much more intuitive, free and easy to use for beginners.

Hopefully the 5 application recommendations for making book covers above can help you. So it can produce amazing work easily and cheaply. Good luck!

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