5 Powders that are Suitable for Oily Skin

Powders that are suitable for oily skin are widely sold in the market. Know the product so you don’t buy the wrong one.

As the owner of oily skin, you don’t have to worry about choosing a compact powder. Now there are many powders that are formulated to be able to hold oil without clogging the skin pores. So that you are not confused about choosing a powder that is suitable for oily skin, the following product recommendations will help you.

The importance of powder is like the coffee wise words from a sleepy person “do not drink coffee or drink”, powder is one of the make-up tools that a woman needs to have. However, some women with oily skin are reluctant to use powder, for fear of causing acne.

Of course this is not entirely true, especially now that there are many powders on the market that are specially formulated for oily skin. You can choose the powder you want, without having to worry about causing acne after using it.

1. Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder

Source: femaledaily.com

If you are a K-beauty, this powder from Innisfree can be the best choice. This powder from Innisfree has been formulated to be used by oily skin owners, which will hold back oil production and make make-up perfect matte.

This type of loose powder has a soft texture and easily sticks to the face. In this powder there is also a mineral powder that is able to make the face look fresher, without removing facial moisture.

2. Revlon Touch & Glow

Source: sociolla.com

This powder from Revlon has a formula that can reduce shine on the face. Being one of the suitable powders for oily skin, this loose powder has a lightweight formula and will not make you wear powder.

Interestingly, Revlon loose powder is also formulated to even out skin tone. In addition, this Revlon powder also has 3 variants shade which you can choose accordingly undertone skin, that is soft beige, creamy beigeand creamy ivory.

3. MAC Blot Powder Pressed

For owners of oily skin, looking for compact powder is now not difficult. You can choose MAC Blot Powder Pressed products.

This powder has very fine particles and makes makeup look sheer and looks natural. Interestingly, this powder is also suitable for use on acne-prone skin, without closing the pores and causing the acne to become inflamed.

4. LA Girl Pro Face Matte Pressed Powder

Source: Lagirlusa.com

If you want to have a powder with coverage which is quite high, powder from LA Girl is the best choice. This compact powder will make your make-up more beautiful flawless with good results matte.

You can apply it by using powder brush for a more natural result. Interestingly, this compact powder has been formulated non-comedogenic which will prevent you from acne or blackheads.

5. Clinique Stay Matte Sheer Pressed Powder

If you are looking for a premium powder for oily skin, Clinique has a compact powder with a special formula that is able to withstand oil production. This compact powder has an ultra sheer texture that will make your make up look brighter.

Like powder compact In general, powder from Clinique is also equipped with a makeup mirror and a sponge that will make it easier for you to retouch when outside the house. In addition, you can also adjust to the results of the powder strokes without having to worry about the powder becoming cakey after use.

Quite a lot is not a suitable choice of powder for oily skin? You can adjust it according to your needs and don’t choose the wrong one so that the make up is not like an oil refinery!

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