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ipadguides.id – Hello, Zone Friends! Mimin has recommendations for 5 professions for Gen Z in the field of Digital Marketing, the most recommended. Wow, what kind of jobs are suitable for Generation Z? Mimin is also curious, right, Mimin also belongs to Gen Z. Come on, just take a look at the following review, OK!

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Data Analyst

Illustration of Data Analyst (Photo: Course)

This work involves deeper data. A data analyst is a data practitioner who is able to translate numbers into data that can be processed by management. The data can be in the form of market research, logistics, or sales data.

Social Media Specialist

Illustration of Social Media Specialist (Photo: Glints)

If this one job is more into social media. There are content writers who write the content, there are graphic designers who make the designs, of course there are those who take care of the publication media. Well, social media specialists are tasked with handling social media from the company, they also analyze what kind of content has a lot of traffic.

Later, based on data from social media, it can be used as a basis for the future. You could say this social media specialist is the soul of digital marketing.

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer Illustration (Photo: Perpetual)

To increase the interest of readers, of course, an interesting visualization is needed. With attractive visualizations, people will feel at home seeing the content that we create. Therefore, graphic designers cannot be separated from digital marketing.

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Copywriter Illustration (Photo: Awai)

Copywriters are not much different from content writers, the only difference being the purpose of writing. If the content writer aims to improve brand awareness by creating interesting articles. Copywriter aims to make readers interested in using or buying the product.

Because the goal is persuasive, copywriters can’t just write articles. They have to think about how to get people who read it to buy the product. This method can be done by applying SEO and SEM more deeply than content writers.

Content Writer

Content Writer Illustration (Photo: Logique)

For Zone Friends who have a hobby of writing? This is perfect for being a content writer! Content Writer is in charge of creating content in the form of articles on websites or other media that is useful for improving brand awareness company. Usually the content created is in the form of informative content so that it can make readers interested in following information updates from the company.

To become a content writer, at least you need to know how to write good and interesting articles, of course. You also need to learn SEO which is useful for improving traffic views on Google search.

5 Professions for Gen Z in the Field of Digital Marketing, the Most Recommended

Friend Zone, those were 5 professions for Gen Z in the field of Digital Marketing, hopefully they will be useful.

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